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Lock her up!  The campaign to prosecute Hillary for corruption

Hillary and her husband have escaped prosecution for their crimes thanks to the corruption rooted in the Democrat Party. Republican Donald Trump is campaigning for the justice system to do more than give Hillary a pass on her violations of … Continue reading

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Hillary says Trump has something to hide – ROTFLMAO!

The Bleachbit Queen says Trump has something more nefarious to hide in his taxes that the IRS went thru with a fine tooth comb than she has in her emails that she attempted to burn out of existence. Clinton is … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Summer of Love 2016

Democrats working their magic with(out) the smoke and mirrors.  Democrats are love, Republicans are hate.  Apparently, no one explained to them that the Sith are incapable of using Jedi Mind Tricks.  That only works on the weak-minded liberals who believe … Continue reading

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Rush on a roll – crushes Hillary’s campaign exposing her to the nation

The leftwing media never exposes Democrat candidates, but always digs to China to manufacturer whatever hate they can against Republicans. There is just no way to do justice to everything Rush said in exposing Bill and Hillary Clinton in just … Continue reading

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Hillary lied when Americans died

Ambassador Stevens and three Americans were assassinated in America’s Libyan embassy in Benghazi by jihadis on 9-11-12 two months before the 2012 presidential election.  Despite hundreds of emails retrieved from the private server Hillary attempted to wipe, Ms. Clinton claims no … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton – master of contempt

Hillary blamed Ambassador Stevens for his own death at the hands of Jihadi terrorists Testifying to a congressional investigating committee about the assassination of Chris Stevens and three Americans at the embassy in Libya, Hillary Clinton proved herself to be … Continue reading

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Democrats say Hillary’s email not a national security issue

Long before Hillary became champion of the sexually abused, she was crushing bimbos harassed by her philandering husband.  As Secretary of State she weakened the defenses of America’s embassy in Libya, which resulted in the assassination of our ambassador. Liberals … Continue reading

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Hillary – How Democrats engage in fear-mongering and the artless lie

“Republicans want to take away your (insert favorite entitlement here)” Hillary hits every liberal dog whistle talking point in her speech announcing her candidacy for president.  She and her fellow Democrats accuse a Republicans of engaging in fear mongering while themselves … Continue reading

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