Could Trump do a Clayton Williams?

Donald Trump

Trump is bold and brash and says whatever he wants.  Could he be a Clinton shill and be setting Republicans up for a fall?

Texans know this story: Clayton Williams was everything Texas needed for a governor in 1990 while Democrat Ann Richards was the opposite.  He was winning easily in the polls but then, right before the election, he said something galactically stupid and threw the match (likening bad weather to being raped saying, “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.”)  Richards won in a landslide and Texas suffered for the next four years with Democrats almost instituting a state tax, which happened after instituting a lottery that was supposed to help pay for education, but instead went to Democrat cronies until she was ousted by George W. Bush in 1994.

Hearing Donald Trump’s quotes from twenty years ago; when he praised Democrats and denounced Republicans, plus his recent condemnation of Bush for 9/11 and giving Democrats a pass for the economic crash his last two years when Democrats controlled Congress, leads to much doubt.  His vehement and brazen conservatism in this campaign is what America needs to counter liberal propaganda.  But what if it’s just a façade?

Could Donald Trump do the same for Hillary?  First he threatened a third party run to divide the Republican ticket like Perot did for Bill.  But that was when it looked like the Republican Establishment would shove another Bush who wanted to work with Democrats down American’s throats.

Just as W made a critical mistake in not responding to Democrat propaganda, his brother Jeb makes the same mistake in sucking up to liberal media saying he will work with Democrats.  Conservatives don’t want a Republican who will work toward implementing the liberal’s socialist agenda.  They have been electing Republicans who said they will fight it, and then been betrayed by those who lay down and rolled over for Obama.

Donald Trump is a wild card who has used his wealth and celebrity to mount a blistering campaign.  He is bold and brash and undeterred by liberal media attempts to silence him.  Sen. Ted Cruz is the only candidate to come close to Trump in expressing conservative values, but the media has always succeeded in demonizing and silencing him.  They cannot silence Trump.

If Trump is true blue then he would be the best thing to happen since Reagan.  If he’s not then he could be as duplicitous as Obama.  The question is not the quality of his campaign, but the quality of his character.  If he has truly learned and embraced conservatism, Donald Trump could do great things as president to reverse the course of America’s decline into socialism.

It’s not hard to talk like a conservative.  Every politician does it at campaign time, even whacko socialist Bernie Sanders, who promises prosperity for the poor if they elect him to steal from Republicans, still manages to express a conservative government in some ways.  It’s just that most are covering up what they are really going to do once they are elected.  That question on every Republicans mind is this; is Donald Trump being honest or is he just saying what people want to hear like Obama did?

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