Vote Democrat if you support criminals over citizens, seniors, and veterans

Democrat voters

Democrats back illegal aliens and glorify criminals of the Black Lives Matter movement over American citizens.  They curse the police and veterans as racists and give taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrant invaders.  Their open borders policy is an open door to Moslem terrorists and Jihadis bent on the destruction of America and the annihilation of Christians and all others.  The Left endorses every evil of socialism that embraces Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Imperialism, and Islamism.

The liberal media is keeping voters dumb and ignorant as they try to make Republicans perform like monkeys by reporting only on personal attacks.  While they ask Democrats to debate the issues they distract voters from any policies put forth by Republicans.  But the issues that get Democrats motivated are all issues of how to destroy America and her law-abiding citizens in favor of promoting criminals and their causes.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been chanting “Death to Cops” and still claims legitimacy when they damn all police as racists.  Racism in police is less than the general population as they are required to uphold the law and protect the citizens.  Now they are being murdered by criminals and racists for doing their jobs!

Democrats are also taking away the earned benefits of senior citizens living on Social Security, as well as the benefits of veterans who have served and sacrificed for this nation, and giving them to people who stole across our borders and take jobs without paying income taxes.  Seniors paid into SS their entire working lives, but Democrats give those same benefits to people who entered the country illegally?  Not only will they give away citizen’s money, they also want to give illegal aliens and criminal felons the right to vote in American elections!

When people voted for “hope and change” they thought they were voting to stop corruption in Washington, not multiply it exponentially!  Democrats always say they are going to make America a better place for the poor, but all they have ever done is make America a better place to keep people poor while casting all the blame on Republicans.  Reagan and Gingrich made the American economy soar through the 80s and 90s, but Obama and the liberal media have twisted people’s minds to believing those times only made the rich richer while Obama has used the last six years to make the poor poorer.

Obama’s policies have resulted in:

  • Astronomical debt
  • Largest peacetime tax increase on the Middle Class through ObamaCare
  • Gave illegal aliens citizen’s benefits and rights
  • Gives away taxpayer money to his cronies like he farts it out his a$$
  • Advocates taking guns away from law-abiding people while denying it
  • Promotes the political fraud of global warming to destroy American energy
  • Advances the cause of Islamism around the world
  • Weakened America’s military and her allies
  • Blames Republicans for the results of all of his policies

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