Ted Cruz brings down the house at 3rd GOP debate


CNBC’s GOP debate moderators were smacked around by Republican presidential candidates who are disgusted with being treated contemptuously by the liberal media.  NBC’s questions for Republicans were better suited to a monkey fight than pose any serious questions about how candidates would make America better.

Once again the liberal media performed according to their nature.  The CNBC moderators could barely contain their contempt for the Republican presidential candidates while they fawned all over the Democrats.  The candidates all struck back against the moderators for their petty questions and attempts at instigating arguments between the candidates.

Sen. Ted Cruz crushed them and brought down the house when he said:

“The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why he American people don’t trust the media.”  “How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?”

Sen. Cruz crucifies CNBC moderators

Sen. Marco Rubio smacked them in the head:

“The Democrats have the ultimate SuperPAC.  It’s called the mainstream media.”

Most of America’s media has been part of the Democrat propaganda machine for decades and it has become so obvious that people are calling on them to recognize their injustice and be ashamed of their behavior.  They spent the 80s and 2000s condemning every action of Reagan and Bush that benefited America, while they cover up the actions of Democrat Congresses that ran up the national debt, and lauded the actions of Clinton and Obama despite the disasters they wrought.  Saying CNBC should be ashamed is like saying Barack Obama should obey the Constitution.  When people choose to break the law, hold others in contempt, and deliberately mock them, it is not a behavior they would willingly correct.

Shame does not correct the behavior of criminals and haters of the morally ignorant Left.  Republicans would be better off having a debate on CSPAN with moderators chosen from the conservative media than to take the crap that is dished out by all the networks.  Too many Americans are simple-minded and easily duped by the media to blame Republicans for all the damage being done by Democrats.

CNBC GOP debate crashes and burns as candidates slap moderators around

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