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Democrats have a death grip on the economy

  Socialist economies are epic failures.  Leftists say capitalism only benefits the rich, but socialism benefits everyone.  No greater lie has ever been perpetrated on the ignorant. Hillary says she believes; “The economy should work for everyone, not just those … Continue reading

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Thank you, Obama? FRACK YOU!

“We can’t drill our way to lower gas prices.” – Barack Hussein Obama, 2012 True to form Obama takes credit for the successes of others.  Obama congratulating himself on his economy is the ultimate act of a galactically narcissistic pathological … Continue reading

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Hillary would put Bill in charge of the economy

Some are saying the devil you know in Hillary than the devil you don’t in Trump.  So they think it’s better to have the one you know is going to destroy the country rather than the one who might save … Continue reading

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Vote Democrat if you support criminals over citizens, seniors, and veterans

Democrats back illegal aliens and glorify criminals of the Black Lives Matter movement over American citizens.  They curse the police and veterans as racists and give taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrant invaders.  Their open borders policy is an open door … Continue reading

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Trump laments last 2 years of ‘Bush economy’ despite Democrat Congress

Apparently, when Donald Trump talks to extreme leftwing media he is susceptible to severe liberal brain farts. Donald Trump may be brash, boisterous, and fearless, but he has proven he is neither so wise nor knowledgeable.  For Trump to say … Continue reading

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