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There is no Leftist Media Bias – Leftwing Media is Pure Propaganda

“Don’t listen to FOX News or conservative talk radio.  Everything Christian conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity says is a lie just like Trump.” Media coverage whose reporting is 60/40 favorable to one side over the other is called … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats Adopt MS-13 Terrorist Animals as Their Dreamers

This is how leftists take a piece of a statement out of context to create their Big Lies.  They did it to George Zimmerman using creative editing to make him out to be a racist, and they are doing it … Continue reading

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Trump’s ‘War on the Media’ the fakest of fake news

Is there any truth in media anymore?  Why don’t the Democrat media play a clip of President Trump saying, “The media is the enemy of the people?” “The Fake News is the enemy of the people,” leftists take out word … Continue reading

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Democrat’s Fake News makes Trump’s day, so liberals ban the term

Liberals just started using the term ‘fake news’ to try to smear all the truth being told about Obama and Trump.  But now their own fake news (what has always been called propaganda) just blew up in their faces and … Continue reading

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Liberals say ‘fake news’ denigrates Obama’s great achievements

Obama labels conservative media “fake news” due to his own delusions of grandeur and deceptive nature. Leftwing propagandists say rightwing propaganda is why Trump won the election.  Obama’s great achievements have been smeared by conservatives with “lies and distortions” according … Continue reading

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Finding the truth between the Right and the Left

The rightwing and leftwing of political ideologies approach the truth from opposite directions. There are two kinds of hackers who are infiltrating conservative and liberal websites.  Conservative hackers are trying to get into liberal websites in order to uncover the … Continue reading

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Truth trumps lies as liberals lie about Trump’s truth

Liberals are terrified that Trump will reverse Obamaism and the progress the Left has made in destroying America and remaking it into their socialist hell. In the last days before the election the Left is going nuclear to smear Trump … Continue reading

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