Capitol stormed by angry protesters, Democrats smear as riots

Angry Trump supporters, and perhaps some Antifa agitators under a false flag, stormed the Capitol upon hearing that VP Pence announced he would not accept competing Electors certified by the states in which massive ballot fraud took place. Aside from some windows broken to gain access, nothing was smashed, nothing was set afire, no one was hurt, but someone shot and killed an unarmed woman who was standing in a hallway. Democrats declared this to be a riot, but evidence belies that smear. They are calling this a terrorist attack and attempted coup d’état. They demand Trump be removed immediately and make certain no one can ever challenge their power again. President Trump has announced his surrender on Jan. 20th. You are now living in a communist state.

How did America, land of the free and home of the brave, descend to this level falling into communism? As I’m writing this, reports began coming in of riots in D.C. The first reports were that the White House was stormed and there were shootings. As things sorted out a little it became clear that it was the Capitol building that was stormed, and one unarmed woman was shot by a guard while standing in a hallway doing nothing. If it was the White House attacked, then it would be Antifa possibly under cover of a false flag pretending to be Trump supporters.

What happened at the Capitol was hardly a riot. They didn’t smash the place or set fire to anything. They scuffled with police, not throwing rocks at them and shooting lasers in their eyes like Antifa/BLM scum do. This was more like a protest insistent on being heard. This was a Trump supporting crowd’s reaction on hearing that VP Pence failed to stop the Electors from states where the Democrat’s massive ballot fraud took place by declaring he couldn’t go against the Constitution. Upon hearing that the crowd may have become incensed. CNN, of course, and the leftwing media immediately did their best to smear all Trump supporters as terrorists.

McConnell condemned them saying no criminal act would stop the Congress. How about the criminal act of massive ballot fraud to steal the election? Just because it’s not violent doesn’t mean it’s not criminal. Wait till Biden tries to get inaugurated. You want to see an enraged populace? Our nation is in trouble because Republicans are not standing with us. If President Trump doesn’t take action as Commander-in-Chief to uphold our laws, then America will become a communist state under Democrat’s totalitarian rule. The only recourses left to the people will be for their states to secede from the Communist States of Amerika or for the people to conduct a 2nd Revolutionary War.

America Corrupted

White privilege, black Culture, and Democrat corruption are all exacerbated by liberal lies. Debunking the myth of white privilege begins with understanding how Democrats have corrupted black culture. Teaching black children to live by the law of the jungle glorifying criminal behavior vs. the civilized nurturing of a loving home was not created by Christian white people. It was fostered by wicked rulers inflicting their corrupt leftist values on ignorant peoples. Overcoming this handicap is paramount in learning to be happy human beings. One must never submit to Democrat lies.

The Supreme Court, AG Bill Barr, and many Republican congressman and governors are doing the bidding of Democrats to prove that they are not corrupt according to that lies Democrats tell. President Trump scorned these people he elevated and protected to obtain their positions for falling into the leftist trap of acting against their best interests to prove those lies to be false. The same is true for those who abase themselves to Democrats over their false accusations of racism. This is the pinnacle of stupidity.

If you were on a jury for a murder trial, and the leftwing media accused you of being a puppet for the government to convict a man that they declared to be innocent, but who was proven by all evidence to be guilty, would you pronounce him innocent to prove you are not a puppet? Do you not understand reverse psychology? How easy it is to dupe most people. As Lincoln said, “You can fool all of the people some of the time.” Liberals are the people who are fooled all of the time, but conservatives have no excuse to be fooled by the left over and over.

America is on the brink of falling off the cliff into the abyss of socialism. Democrats are stealing the election to make America their communist toilet. The nation will go the way of every totalitarian state with powermongers declaring their righteousness, lying and stealing from the people, persecuting those who do not submit to them, and destroying all that is good in America. Who will rise to protect our Constitutional rights?

[Author’s Note: If all of Democrat’s election fraud were a meteor crashing into the Earth, it would be large enough to split the planet. Democrats who say there is no evidence of election fraud have their heads buried so far up their rectums that their mouths regurgitate the feces that fills their ears and blinds their eyes. Most Republicans are not taking a stand to uphold the law and contest this. As I have said repeatedly, President Trump had better be prepared to institute Martial Law through the Insurrection Act because thieves never willingly surrender that which they have stolen.

As this article prepares to be posted I watched the news this morning to find that there are four people reported dead in D.C., but with no details of how they were killed. There is also a mass uprising by Republicans joining with Democrats to condemn violence. Where were all of them for the months that Democrat rioters have been in their cities? FOX News condemned Trump supporters and declared there is no evidence the election was stolen. VP Pence certified the election announcing Biden to be President-Elect. President Trump made an announcement that there would be a peaceful transition of power on Jan. 20th effectively announcing his surrender. America has fallen and it will be made official on 1-20-21.]

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3 Responses to Capitol stormed by angry protesters, Democrats smear as riots

  1. I am devastated at all of this. Secession is necessary but the leftists will rule in EVERYTHING so we can’t even do that.


  2. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    Those trying to break into the Senate chamber were clearly Antifa members more than 1 caught on video are known members of Antifa.
    I am so happy Dusty that you have gone to combining Antifa/BLM because as is often the case they align with each other and no matter how you wish to spin the details of their actions they are a WTO as in they have chapters in more than 1 nation.


  3. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    As for my comment about spinning the details of the actions of the members of Antifa/BLM the word “you” was pertaining to the narrative of those mouthpiece deceit disseminating data source Bobblehead commentators and fantasy writers for the members of the U.S.C.P..


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