Hillary’s secret economy – the rich didn’t get richer, Democrats did


Democrats hand Wall Street trillions and hand the bill to the Middle Class.

Hillary is busy damning the rich for getting richer over the last eight years while the economy stagnated under Obama’s Democrat policies, while Obama has been crowing over his “economic growth.”  This two-faced lie is a façade that covers up who really got richer under Democrat rule – the government.  Clinton says 90% of the pay increases have gone to the rich, and those who pay attention know that Middle Class incomes have declined 10%.  Hillary says she knows how to get the economy going, but there is a secret to the Democrat economy of which the common person has no clue.

The Secret to Democrat’s Economic Wealth

The truth is that those wealthy corporate magnates that Hillary and Obama are saying have been getting so rich haven’t made a penny extra in the last eight years.  All that extra money they’ve been paying themselves has gone to Democrats as new taxes.  As the owner of a business, wouldn’t you believe that you should make more money that the people you employ?  When those business owners that Democrats curse as not “paying their fair share” have their taxes raised, and at the same time are forced by government to pay their employees more, do you think they are going to shell out all that money from their own pockets?  No, they pay themselves more to cover the losses.

The extra money they’ve been paying themselves has all gone to the government – to Democrats!  This is socialism at work, and even a thirteen year old understands what socialism means; that those who lay around on their couches doing drugs all day get the same amount of money as those who go to work and struggle every day.  The government takes that money and redistributes it through welfare, food stamps, Social Security disability, and ObamaCare.  And they provide these by raising taxes on both the rich AND the Middle Class!

Democrats will tell you that these programs are necessary for those who are unable to work, but 90% of those who are on welfare or collect disability are perfectly capable of doing a job.  On the flip side of this are the Wall Street cronies of Democrats who have been receiving trillions of borrowed taxpayer dollars from Obama and Clinton.  The federal debt has increased by $10T and most of that money has gone to Wall Street as “Quantitative Easing,” i.e. money laundering for Democrat political campaigns by stealing from the Middle Class future generations.  Rich Democrats are not suffering in this economy, but prospering, and Obama calls this “saving jobs.”  When Hillary says she’s tax the rich she’s not talking about her banker friends who fund her, she’s talking about her political opponents she wants to crush so Democrats can establish One Party Rule.  They want to transform America into a socialist dictatorship banana republic with themselves as El Jefe Grande.

Death and taxes and loopholes

The same is true of the Death tax that Trump wants to abolish.  Democrats sold the poor, ignorant voters on this under the guise that the children of rich people don’t deserve to inherit that wealth.  Instead, the government should get it to redistribute to the people, except it never gets to the people, but goes to Democrat cronies.  Remember those family farms that were lost and Democrats cried over?  They weren’t “stolen by the banks making predatory loans.”  They were stolen by the government who taxed dying farmers so much that their families couldn’t pay the taxes on all that land and had to forfeit.  Then Democrats sold that land on the cheap to their cronies to create corporate farms.

What about those tax loopholes that Democrats cry about to their ignorant voters?  Democrats in government created those loopholes for their friends, while trying to keep Republicans from using those same loopholes.  Loopholes are not rich Republicans stealing taxes, but Democrats stealing from rich Republicans.  Like every law that Democrats have come up with in the last one hundred years that they say is to help the poor from Social Security to ObamaCare, Democrats haven’t been helping anyone but filling their own pockets.  They began raiding Social Security in 1968 three years after they created Medicare (also to take care of the elderly).  They started raiding Medicare in 2010 to add to ObamaCare.  And ObamaCare has been the largest tax increase in peacetime in American history.

Trickle Down

Hillary says wealth doesn’t trickle down.  It doesn’t when Democrats are busy stealing it from the rich.  When a man builds a business, he does so to make money, not to make work for people to have jobs.  When he makes that money he pays for what he builds, he pays his employees, and he pays himself.  Profits are not what rich people pay themselves, they are what is left over that they use to grow their business which results in more jobs.  For the last eight years Democrats have been stealing those profits for themselves and their Wall Street cronies, which resulted in our stagnant economy.  All they have to do then is convince ignorant fools that it’s all Republican’s fault they have no money and the fools vote Democrat again – cutting their own throats in their ignorance.

America’s future

Americans have been scammed, misinformed, and uneducated by Democrats to believe that capitalism, the engine of economic wealth that created the Middle Class, is what is destroying the Middle Class.  Americans have become the ignorant cattle being herded to slaughter by Democrats and told that it’s all the shepherd’s fault.  Fewer Americans are working today than did during the Carter Administration, but more believe what Democrats tell them despite all the efforts by conservatives to educate them.  They damn Republicans are “exporting jobs for cheap labor,” but laud Democrats “helping refugees” when they are really importing that cheap labor for their own businesses.

America is a mess and propagandists are having a great carnival of ignorance duping the voters into choosing the slaughterhouse.  Hitler said it, “If you tell a lie big enough, long enough, eventually it becomes the truth,” and Democrats are voting for a truth that doesn’t exist.  Trying to wade through all the static being broadcast by the media takes intelligence, education, and knowledge, and that, unfortunately, is in extremely short supply in America today.

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2 Responses to Hillary’s secret economy – the rich didn’t get richer, Democrats did

  1. EIleen says:

    I’d like to add an extra dimension to social security that many people, even those who are on it now, that one reason why it’s losing money is that the administrations have tacked on SSI to the retirement fund. And SSI is the one that experienced exponential growth, mostly because Obama’s policies pay SSI to those out of work for six months or longer after they exhaust their unemployment insurance. His claim is that people who can’t find jobs are disabled. OH, Really? Maybe they are in a so-called protected category so that no employer would touch them with a 10-ft pole. Maybe its because Obama just willy nilly gives SSI to the so-called Syrian refugees yet less than 10% of the middle eastern migrants are actually from Syria. Maybe its because the neocons like Bush, Cheney, Lindsay Graham or John McCain, just to name a few, have used the Retirement part of Social Security to fund their undeclared wars.

    Maybe the Democrats are more guilty of backwards thinking. Anyone who believes that Republicans aren’t guilty is also looking through rose-colored glasses. Do I think Trump can fix it? Perhaps, because he recognizes it as a revenue problem, whereas the neocons think of it as an expense. When you change your thinking, the solution becomes obvious. Whether Trump actually finds a revenue source for SSI other than the FICA taxes is unknown because he is not yet President. However, his proposal to stop giving welfare benefits (some of which is SSI) to illegals, he can at least slow down the bleeding until he figures out what’s really going on,


    • dustyk103 says:

      Does it really matter what percentage of “refugees” are from Syria? That Democrats give SS benefits, which were paid for by our retired taxpayers, to anyone other than those who paid into the fund is a crime in itself. Every time Republicans say they want to take SS away from Democrat hands the Dems cry “they want to destroy SS!” SS is 100% paid for by FICA, until Democrats take from the fund to give to illegals, “refugees,” and pay off cronies. There are no “neocons” (that don’t actually exist) who believe it to be a federal “expense,” that’s just Democrat propaganda claiming Republicans think it’s giving away taxpayer money, but that Dems actually know it’s the people’s money. That’s just them blowing smoke because everyone knows that money belongs to those who paid into the fund, but Dems and RINOs think that it’s “insurance” payments and that money doesn’t actually belong to those who paid into SS, but to whomever they want to give it.


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