Analyzing Tim Kaine – why Democrats campaign as conservatives

tim-kaine patriotic American

Hillary’s VP Tim Kaine – Patriotic American!

Kaine’s acceptance speech was a study in how liberal Democrats campaign as conservatives.  He proudly spoke of his Republican friend who is now voting Democrat because, he said, Trump is a racist corrupting the party of Lincoln.  The modern Democrat Party is built on the lie that Lincoln was a Democrat and the KKK is Republican.  Though I could rip apart his entire speech no one will read that much, so I’ll pick apart three key statements:

Kaine’s son is a Marine

Well that just conveys immediate patriotism on all Democrats doesn’t it?  Forget that Obama’s cut backs have shrunk the military to smaller than it was before World War II.  Forget that Democrats scorn everyone who enlists as doing so because they couldn’t find a job.  Forget that Republicans had to remind Democrats to put out the American flag at their convention.

Kaine says he believes that Hillary will keep his son safe [by not engaging in unnecessary wars.]  Tell that to the men at Benghazi.  (Oh, wait, Hillary did keep the Marine guards safe by withdrawing them completely to leave the embassy in the care of local militia for protection.  Then she and Obama denied any rescue leaving the Navy SEAL contractors to die saving the embassy staff (but Democrats don’t care about them because they’re “mercenaries.”))

And if his son is not going to fight ISIS, who will?  Iran?  Russia?  They are more intent on expanding their own power.  How is it these leftist hippie Democrats think they can put on a suit and portray themselves as patriots?  Along with reducing our military, Obama Democrats are pressing our allies to accept Moslem immigrants who are terrorizing their populations, they’re buddying up to middle eastern Islamist despots, sitting back to watch ISIS and Iran take control of the region, while giving Iran $150B toward their nuclear program.  Democrats want to keep America strong in the world, he says?  What Democrat Party is he talking about?

Trump won’t release his tax returns

That the Obamas haven’t even released their college records, and that Barack Obama’s tax records are worthless without the additional records of his alias, Barry Sotero, doesn’t phase Democrats.  And what about Hillary’s foundation whose records remain sealed?  That doesn’t concern them.  The party that used the IRS against the TEA Party has no use for tax records except to claim Trump “didn’t pay his ‘fair share.’”

Democrats are saying, “Don’t believe Trump when he says he’s going to help the Middle Class.  He’s just going to help himself.”  Democrats don’t believe that the way to help the Middle Class is by giving tax breaks to businesses so they can expand and create more jobs.  They believe the way to help the Middle Class is by expanding welfare and unemployment benefits because, as Nancy Pelosi says, unemployment benefits are the greatest job creator we have.

Hillary has plans to create jobs

According to Obama the economy is great and he saved America.  So why are Democrats concerned with creating jobs when unemployment is so low?  Just because Obama shut down coal mines, and is trying to end fracking, they say and if they need to bring jobs back to West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  What jobs will they bring back?  Government-funded solar wind collectors?  The next Solyndra?

Kane said Trump’s plan will add $30T to the National Debt.  That’s 10 times more than ObamaCare is going to add.  What a nightmare!  And he says we shouldn’t believe anything Trump says.  But believe Hillary when she says she’s going to take care of our seniors and save Social Security and Medicare from the Republicans.  Just remember to forget the fact that Democrats start raiding Social Security and ‘68 and Obama rated Medicare in 2010.

Liberals always campaign as conservatives

If the Democrats ever campaigned on their actual radical ant-American leftist agenda then half their party would have their eyes opened and recoil in horror. When Obama campaigned in 2008 if he had said he wanted to;

  • double the national debt
  • give trillions of borrowed taxpayer dollars to Wall Street
  • snuff out American energy
  • crush businesses that support Republicans
  • raid Social Security and Medicare for his tax programs
  • grant illegals citizenship and the right to vote
  • shrink the military to smaller than pre-WWII size
  • and fund the Muslim Brotherhood’s seizing power in the Middle East

…he would have been thrown into the ocean if not lynched on the spot.

Someday Obama will admit that he is a Moslem.  We already know he is just from what he says and how he behaves, making laws against Christians while enabling the Islamization of America.  Christians are told they cannot pray in school, not even to meet at the flagpole.  But Moslems are giving classrooms in which to conduct their multiple daily prayers.

Leftists say, we must believe Obama when he says he is a Christian, just as they said, we must believe Al Capone when he said he was a businessman.  What Democrats say and what they do are virtually always the opposite.  The only time they tell the truth is when they say they’re going to steal from the rich, i.e. American taxpayers.

Hillary says her campaign is all about change, just as Obama said his campaign was about hope and change.  For the last eight years America has experienced the change brought about by Democrats and blamed on Republicans.  Obama said he would transform America and he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.  So what do Democrats want to change?  What do they think they will change?  Americans are already eating a sh*t sandwich that Democrats say is the new steak.  What more could they ask for?

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1 Response to Analyzing Tim Kaine – why Democrats campaign as conservatives

  1. EIleen says:

    I actually think that Trump won’t release his tax returns because nobody will understand them (I guess the IRS doesn’t either since they audit him every year), so other than scoring political points, it won’t add anything to the discussion. Trump also notes that when Romney released his tax returns, the Democrats slammed him for his 15% tax rate (proving that all his income is dividends or things like that).

    I think that Kaine will eventually prove to be a liability to Clinton.


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