Why do Democrats applaud Hillary instead of laughing at her?

Lightbulb-comes on

What does it take for liberals to see the light?

Rush Limbaugh has said this again and again and it always bears repeating because we see what’s happening.  Whenever Hillary or Obama make speeches about rebuilding infrastructure, renewable energy, schools, etc., the crowds cheer as if they’re actually going to do something.  In eight years of making the same speeches what have Democrats done?  They haven’t even begun working on any kind of infrastructure, but plenty of money has gone to Wall Street and Democrat donors.

Conservatives wonder at liberals;

“What is wrong with their brains?  When is the light bulb going to go on?”

Apparently the lights are going to stay off for the majority of liberals.  ObamaCare is failing as designed so that Hillary can propose single-payer to fix it.  “Insurance companies are too greedy,” she’ll say, and people need to give their money to Democrats for their medical insurance.  It’s become a cosmic joke on America.

Government dependence

What this all adds up to is Democrats demand higher taxes to pay for things they have no intention of doing, just their “good intentions” of wanting to do them.  The end result is that taxpayer dollars are laundered through Democrat donors who give a piece back to the party for shelling out subsidies to them.  This has been the way of Democrats for a century and so long as the gravy train continues it is not going to change.  If anyone threatens to change it as Trump has then Democrats unleash their rioters to loot and burn and kill cops and say it’s because Trump and Republicans are racists.  And that’s where the joke ends and the Clinton Crime Family shines.

Hillary’s infrastructure just more Democrat money laundering

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1 Response to Why do Democrats applaud Hillary instead of laughing at her?

  1. Eileen says:

    Just like it took John Boehner to finally get Republican voters to see that the party was no longer theirs, it’ll take a defeat of the Democrats to finally see what has become of their party. They are blinded by the fact that their candidate has different body parts than the person occupying the White House now; only when they see that she is no different from those who occupied the office before will they latch onto a populist like the Republicans did.

    IMO, the Democrats will splinter into a far left group and the more traditional leftist group that splintered from the Democrats in the sixties. Just like the NeverTrumpers, the far left will represent a tail of the voting public. And for awhile there will be contests between the right leaning voters represented by Trump and the more left leaning voters who represent that big 30% who have no home although many of them may vote for Trump on Nov 8, if nothing more than to protest the DNC’s coronation of Clinton. Trump did one thing that must happen to the Democrats – he defined what the party represents and it wasn’t defined by a bunch of rich guys in a think tanks somewhere in Washington, DC.

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