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Trump is like the 2nd Coming of Christ

If Jesus Christ were running for president and spoke of how He loves children, Democrats would find someone to say He touched him inappropriately as a child. Remember when the Left proclaimed Obama to be the “new messiah” and compared … Continue reading

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Trump’s lies and Hillary cries

Hillary says Trump is a liar and you need to get his record straight! Leftists say Trump lies 85% of the time, but to them Trump is lying if he says he is not a racist, which he has never … Continue reading

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Trump is wrong; Obama not ‘founder’ of ISIS, but the ‘Father’ of ISIS

Obama is the Father of ISIS and the New Jihad! Of course Obama did not “found” the radical Islamist group of Sharia jihadis who are rampaging across the Middle East slaughtering Christians, gays, and any Moslem they consider apostates.  That … Continue reading

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Democrat media goes NUCLEAR on Trump

The Democrat media calls an Trump insane, greedy businessman, and treat Hillary, whose greed they cover up, like a goddess.  But most of the people recognize the insanity of the liberal media propaganda. CNN says Trump calls on gun owners … Continue reading

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Hillary’s secret economy – the rich didn’t get richer, Democrats did

Democrats hand Wall Street trillions and hand the bill to the Middle Class. Hillary is busy damning the rich for getting richer over the last eight years while the economy stagnated under Obama’s Democrat policies, while Obama has been crowing … Continue reading

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