More liberals backwards thinking from Democrats

Hill and Liz

Brexit and Trump cause more dysfunctional backwards thinking by liberals.  Hill and Liz are Screech and Owl vying for the biggest whopper wreaking havoc on the campaign trail.

Reminiscent of Al Gore telling elementary school kids, they “instinctively know things their parents don’t know,” when attempting to brainwash them to believe in man-made climate change, liberals are telling their believers that Brexit was the result of – “the older less educated people outvoting “younger more educated people.”  If the younger people know better than older people then Hillary shouldn’t be running for president, Chelsea should be!

Liberals blame old people xenophobia for Brexit

Liberals always think backwards, which accounts for why they fixate on what is wrong rather than what is right.  Because of this they have no intelligent solutions, only half-baked theories of how to solve problems.  They don’t understand that mixing cultures does not make a nation stronger, but that they are the cause of creating their own crisis.

Jihadis are having a field day converting Brits by coaxing them over being fair to Islam or by coercion and the threat of violence.  Older people understand what is happening far better than the younger generations who have never lived without the internal menace.  The EU may offer better trade, but it’s at the expense of national safety.  Borders exist for a reason and allowing those who want to destroy your culture to immigrate into your nation freely is no different than unlocking your home to criminals.

America’s presidential campaign

When it comes to Trump, Hillary fixes the eyes of her vacuous liberal followers on a casino that went bankrupt and not his hundred other enterprises that have been huge successes.  She slanders Trump as wanting to be in bed with banks which is where she and Obama have been for years!  The crony socialism of Obama and Clinton is what is tearing America down, and young people are following like lemmings as they cheer for them importing cheap, illegal labor to take their jobs.

Fauxcahontas and Hillary’s Havoc and lies

As if that is not backwards enough, no Democrat asks what Hillary has accomplished in her life, asked what she has built, or asked how she contributed to the betterment of America.  This is an Obama rerun in which Democrats elected a junior senator who had no accomplishments, no skills, and no talents except to speak well from a teleprompter.  Obama’s half-baked ideas of him and his cadre of academic socialist boobs who engineered today’s economic decline is still admired by the oblivious social media crowd.

The egotistical mind of the modern progressive intellectual – Neo-Dark Age Man

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1 Response to More liberals backwards thinking from Democrats

  1. EIleen says:

    Liberals always did have a bias towards younger single people. It took working and suffering through oppressive taxes that made me switch from being a liberal to something else. There is a difference between being educated and having wisdom, the latter only comes with age. I admit I was surprised by the BREXIT vote as well.

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