Liberal Fascism, Leftist Greed, Democrat Cheaters

Democrats are all in on big corporations and mobster run unions. A multitude of Democrats are funded by Chinese communists from politicians to corporations to athletes to Hollywood to academia to militant liberal activists. While they have been screaming, “Russia, Russia, Russia,” they are all puppets to the funding of the Chicoms who have made trillions milking America. Biden talks about another lockdown that will finish many small businesses, and if that doesn’t do it then his $15 minimum wage will. He will reimpose Obamunism taxes on all Americans from corporate taxes on businesses that endorse Republicans to the ObamaCare mandate on the poor and middle class. His renewing Obama’s crushing regulations will drive industries back to China. Mobster run unions will rule jobs so only Democrat slaves will work. Tack on tuition forgiveness and the Green New Deal and you have a destitute America. The result will be millions of Americans in poverty desperately begging for salvation and willing to sell their souls to the left.

BREAKING TODAY: President Trump fired DHS Cybersecurity head for posting a declaration that the 2020 election was the most secure in all of history. Secure from what? Russia? We are certainly not secure from Democrats! This extremely outrageous lie can only come from an Obama operative of the deep state trying to run cover for the great Democrat 2020 stealing the election of the presidency for Biden and as many congressional seats as possible. This is proof that the left has sabotaged the nation’s security for their power grab and that President Trump is taking every action against them to stop the steal. Leftwing media is smearing this as a power grab by Trump trying to manufacture a scandal. As in all things, Democrats commit crimes, have leftist agents sabotage efforts to expose them, and use leftist activist judges to block investigations, all while they terrorize the public with militants and media propaganda.

President Trump making America great again by eliminating Obamunism taxes and regulations, restoring fair trade to American workers, lowering taxes to bring back American industry, and unleashing America’s economic might and energy independence threatens the Democrat’s New World Order. From their fascist thugs terrorizing people on the streets to their propaganda media misinforming the public to their communist academia warping young people’s minds to the Democrat election fraud machine trying to steal the presidency, America is under assault by the left in their last ditch effort to enact a coup to overthrow the Constitution with their full blown civil war to establish their Marxist revolutionaries as America’s rulers. Their smears of Trump as Hitler only work within the echo chamber between their liberal lemming’s ears. American patriots and President Trump are in a fight for the truth, their rights, their liberty, and their lives. Trump stands against the left’s “Great Reset” using Covid lockdowns and civil terror to steal the 2020 election and eliminate the greatest threat in history to their dream of inflicting the socialist nightmare on the free world.

[Author’s Note: There’s no excuse for this. Liberals of Antifa and BLM attended the Million MAGA March that night to assault old ladies and terrorize children. Democrats who are hoping to steal the election have stolen just enough House seats to retain majority, hope to steal the two Senate seats in Georgia, and give themselves absolute power. Their militant terrorists are doxxing Trump lawyers to terrorize them and their families because they say Trump has no legitimate claim in court. Is this how righteous people go to court to argue a dispute? They used machines that the CIA said can be rigged to flip votes. They think we have forgotten the million ballots for Trump found in ditches and trash cans and believe we won’t realize there are probably another ten million that we never found? They think we would believe Romney and Manchin saying they wouldn’t vote to pass Democrat’s radical agenda? They think we will accept this cheat as legitimate after they smeared Trump as illegitimate for four years?

Democrats expect us to believe that Republicans gained seats in the House and held the Senate, but twenty million new voters showed up to vote for Biden over Trump? When has any party gained seats in Congress and lost the presidency? NEVER! They expect us to believe that they stopped counting ballots on election night in every Democrat city, kicked out Republican observers, and lawfully found twenty million votes for the presidential ticket only and they all went to Biden? They think there were no witnesses watching Democrat pollsters filling out those ballots? How stupid do you have to be to believe that Americans will fall for this, let alone lay down and allow this election to be stolen by the party that wants to transform America into their socialist toilet? If Donald Trump does not shove this debacle down their throats, especially since the Durham investigation has announced it’s too late to submit indictments, then it may be up to us to rise up and water the Tree of Liberty.

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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2 Responses to Liberal Fascism, Leftist Greed, Democrat Cheaters

  1. radman414 says:

    Dusty, maybe you can help spread this message: I have publicly put out a request in lots of places to everyone across this nation who voted for Donald Trump…asking each one to please donate just TWO DOLLARS, to be split evenly between the campaigns of the two Republicans (Sen. Perdue and Ms. Loeffler) in the Georgia runoffs for the U. S. Senate. Can you imagine the impact that that would have if all 72+ million of them actually did it? So, unless Americans would rather have Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote on all of the economy-destroying socialist programs being proposed by the Left, both of these races are critical to the preservation of our Republic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      Yes, Rad, you just did it! If the president’s challenge for election integrity somehow goes south then this will be imperative to stop Democrats from conducting the final dissolution of America. Of course, if they are able to steal this election, they will be able to steal all future elections so it may not matter.


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