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The Dignity of Donald Trump

Leftists trying to prayer shame Trump are as twisted as atheists trying to tell Christians what Jesus would do.  They have smeared him from day one as a despicable human being for the things he says.  What they accuse him … Continue reading

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A President of the People, by the People, and for the People

President Trump celebrated the end of the honeymoon that wasn’t with his people rather than with the liberal press that has smeared him for his first three months in office.  He is rebuilding America for her people while battling leftist … Continue reading

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Democrat media’s open war with Trump to warp the truth producing fake news

Leftarts circle the wagons and cry foul at Trump when he shuts out CNN for disseminating fake news as Obama strives to keep Trump pinned down. As Obama sabotages America to thwart Trump’s efforts to recover from the damage America’s … Continue reading

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Finding the truth between the Right and the Left

The rightwing and leftwing of political ideologies approach the truth from opposite directions. There are two kinds of hackers who are infiltrating conservative and liberal websites.  Conservative hackers are trying to get into liberal websites in order to uncover the … Continue reading

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Mainstream media Trump bashing 24/7

When 95% of media donates to Democrats it is no surprise that 90% of the stories they run about Trump are nasty smears and character assassinations. There is no journalism at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or the thousands of … Continue reading

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Polls say Trump scored big as lib media crowns Hillary

Audacity trumps Hillary’s shimmy Hillary was thrilled to have the crude Trump face off against her and her Democrat media hitman.  But following the first presidential debate between rookie Trump and veteran Hillary, despite the Clinton News Network claiming victory … Continue reading

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