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If Democrat Voters were Righteous they would be Republicans

Democrat thuggery has become their normal, proving that the left is no good.  Democrat’s idea of a “healthy democracy” is to be able to threaten Republicans with death for them and their families and intimidate representatives to coerce them into … Continue reading

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Liberal Lemmings and the Follower Mentality

Liberals believe it is their duty to resist the policies of President Trump.  The problem with liberalism is that it is not only the opposite of conservatism, but liberals do not understand that it is the negative, detrimental ideology.  A … Continue reading

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RESIST! The Left’s war on America, liberty, and righteousness

Young liberals are being programmed by media, entertainment, and political propaganda to believe that Donald Trump is an insane totalitarian they must resist.  Media portrays all things President Trump does as evil and all that Obama did as good ad … Continue reading

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