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Leftists say allegations are proof against Trump, but proof is false against Obama

Russians altered the election or Obama spied on Trump?  Which sounds more likely? With neither evidence nor an identifiable means to support their allegations that President Trump worked with the Russians to alter the outcome of the election liberals still … Continue reading

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All of Hillary Clinton’s corruption in one place

The beauty of Melania may be only skin deep, but Hillary’s ugly goes right to the bone. Does anyone doubt Hillary’s entire life is a huge pustule of corruption?  Can you name any speaker, motivational or otherwise, who gets six … Continue reading

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Clinton’s are not rapists, it’s Trump says the Democrat media

The Democrat media is in character assassination mode smearing Trump in their efforts to distract from proof of Hillary’s corruption.  The Party of Perversion being ‘shocked’ by Trump is the farce of the decade. This leftwing campaign by the Democrat … Continue reading

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Trump’s genius raining on Hillary’s parade

Trump steps on Hillary’s big moment and the Left tries to turn his joke about Hillary’s email breach and make Trump the security risk. Donald Trump stole Democrat’s thunder and rained on their parade by having a press conference and … Continue reading

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