Bringing back the Clinton economy – Democrats rewriting history

Gingrich and Clinton

Hillary is campaigning that she will put her husband in charge of the economy.  Democrats continue to promote the fraud that Bill Clinton made the economic boom of the 90s.  Her campaign only highlights the fact that she and the Democrats have nothing to offer America.

Those of us who lived through the 90s remember very well what Democrats would have ignorant young voter not learn.  The Clinton economy did not lead to an economic boom, but was a disaster.  Democrats in control of Congress during the Reagan/Bush years raised spending so much that the nation went into deep debt.  Despite Reagan tax cuts leading to increased revenues, Democrats continued to increase spending and increased the deficit.  When they convinced Bush 41 to break his “read my lips” pledge and raise taxes to cover their wasteful spending they hanged him on it in the next election to get Clinton into office.

Bill Clinton took advantage of that success and, despite the recession that was caused, raised taxes even more and inflicted choking regulations on businesses!  The public outrage was so great that Newt Gingrich, a Reagan Republican, took the opportunity to convince the public to give Republicans control of Congress for the first time since Eisenhower.  What he did in his “Contract with America” was restore the Congress to the people by setting out to get congressional spending back under control.

Contrary to the Democrat myth when Republicans are in the White House, presidents do not control the congressional budget.  Liberals don’t understand that Congress makes the budget and economic regulations.  All the president can do is ask for his agenda and either sign off on what they give him or deny it and shut down the government – another liberal fallacy that anyone besides the president can shut down the government.

(Democrats blamed Ted Cruz in 2013 when Obama shut it down in retaliation for Republicans defunding ObamaCare, barricading the WWII Memorial and using armed guards to close National Parks.  Likewise, Obama blames Bush 43 for the first trillion dollar deficit in 2009 which Bush refused to sign, so Pelosi and the Democrats withheld it for Obama to pass.  Obama and Pelosi then operated without a budget for the next six years so the people wouldn’t know how they were spending taxpayer’s money.)

What happened when Gingrich presented a balanced budget in 1996?  Liberals don’t know that Clinton didn’t thank him for it, but fought Gingrich and shut down the government for a month to prevent Newt from balancing the budget.  Newt stuck to his guns despite pleas by moderate Republicans who also resented the reduced government spending.  Clinton was forced to relent as seniors whose Social Security checks and the military whose pay checks he cut off hammered him.

So the catalyst to the 90s boom was done by Republicans who balanced the congressional budget, lowered taxes, and relaxed regulation.  But Clinton still takes credit for it because he was president!  This has always been the way of Democrats taking credit for what Republicans achieve and blaming them for the failures Democrats cause.  To put the icing on their cake, in the 2000 presidential campaign Clinton’s vice president, Al Gore, took credit for “creating the Internet” on which most of that economic boom took place.  How’s that for being two-faced?

Hillary would put Bill in charge of the economy

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