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America Held Hostage by Stupid Hateful People

American racism and Covid-19 terror witch-hunt purges are the methods that democratic socialism has used to bring America down to where it is today – held hostage by the left. If you are not for black criminals, then you are … Continue reading

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The Kavanaugh Effect – All of my Heroes are Christian Soldiers

There is not a single entertainer I idolize.  There are some I respect, but there is no actor, athlete, or entertainer that I would put on a pedestal or respect just because of their achievements.  Actors pretend to be great … Continue reading

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Democrats calling for riots and assassinations say Trump is “uncivil”

Washington Democrats are telling their fanatics to terrorize Republicans.  They say they are not telling their followers to commit acts of violence.  Bullsh*t!  Getting in someone’s face shouting at them IS violence!  Going to someone’s home to terrorize their children … Continue reading

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