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Republican Voters are Severely Outraged over Nasty, Hateful Demonrats

By what measure do Democrat senators and congressmen believe they live up to their high titles?  Dianne Feinstein presents false accusations against a Republican judge after his confirmation hearings.  Maxine Waters calls for violence against Republicans.  Barack Obama takes credit … Continue reading

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Invasion America – Leftists use Children as the Tip of the Spear

“God is on our side.” This is what leftists always say to justify their hate crimes.  As liberal Democrats gin up mob violence against Republicans they endorse and distract from the truth behind their agenda.  That truth is that invaders … Continue reading

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Millennials are lost in the wilderness of Democrat media propaganda

Rep. Maxine Waters, who actually is the blithering idiot that leftist media tried to make Gov. Sarah Palin out to be, has become a Democrat icon to Millennials.  Sadly, not many young liberal Democrats are learning that they are nothing … Continue reading

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