President Trump Impeached for Defying Democrat’s Deep State

This is an historic day alright.  Democratic socialists have impeached Donald Trump for making America great again.  Not for any crime, not for any betrayal, not for any abuse of power, but for defeating Democrat’s socialist agenda to overthrow the Constitution through a coup-d’état.  They impeached him for refusing to submit to their hostile Congress, and Pelosi says she won’t send the impeachment to the Senate until Republicans there submit to her.  The president does NOT ANSWER to Congress!  Being co-equal does not make them his overseer.  The upcoming result of their impeachment fraud in the Senate when they are slapped down hard will only have one consequence – the Republicans will pitch this libel in the trash.  Since they cannot defeat him at the ballot box, cannot slander him enough in the media to turn people against him, and cannot remove him via a coup, they will now turn their full effort to striving their utmost to assassinate him.  If they succeed, they will sing praises to their god as the nation is plunged into open civil war.

All Roads Lead to Putin?  Bullshit!  All roads lead to Pelosi, Hillary, and Obama.  That means that there is someone else, some group behind them who are pulling the strings guiding the Democrat Party on their course of ultimate corruption.  They declare Trump is guilty of betraying the country to Russia, yet there is not one mention of Russia in the articles of impeachment.  All of the criminality in this impeachment has occurred with every Democrat from Obama on down to AOC who is now making millions for being a stupid tool.  If Democrats are not brought to justice, if the nation only relies on them being punished at the ballot box that they defraud, then there is no hope that America will survive the deep state’s corruption undermining her culture.  This attempted coup using impeachment did not begin with Ukraine, or Russia, or the election.  This began months before with Obama and his FBI leadership hiring a foreign agent to create a fiction for Hillary by which to lie to the FISA court to spy on Trump.  All of these criminals must go down!

“…Pelosi eliminated anything about Russia from their impeachment articles because the IG found that all of the criminality occurred [not with Trump, but] on the other side of the aisle.” – Rush Limbaugh

“The breakdown in civility is because one side (Democrats) have become gangsterized and the other side (Republicans) have put up with it.” – Dinesh D’Souza

Democrat’s Impeach President Trump, Pelosi Flouts the Senate

Pelosi has chosen to appease her rabid, fanatical, America hating base of dysfunctional liberal fascists and she will lose the independents regardless of how little they know of what is going on.  Only the NeverTrumper faux conservative turncoats will join them.  Were it not for Democrat voter fraud, the 2020 election would see Republicans gain a Supermajority.  That is why it is imperative for President Trump to enact extreme voter ID.  There is no way that half the country hates it so much they want to see America fall.  This is not the historic day that Democrats bring down their hated foe the Road Runner.  This is the day that Wile E. Coyote unleashes the ACME giant to stomp his stupid head. This is not the historic day of somber shame of impeachment.  What is their plan?  To have impeachments every year?  If Republicans retake the House then they should shitcan those articles, but they will forever stain Democrat’s foreheads.  This is an historic day alright, the day that Democrats prove they are a pack of monkeys throwing their feces at the civilized human beings.  It’s not Trump who is stained by this.  It’s the shitfaced Democrats.

Republican voters say of President Trump what the great Republican, Abraham Lincoln who overthrew Democrat slavery, said of his greatest general, the uncouth reprobate, not-good-enough-for-elite-society, Ulysses S. Grant;

“I can’t spare this man.  He FIGHTS!

All roads lead to Democrat subversion

Outraged by the Criminality Revealed in the IG Report

Trump’s Letter to Pelosi for impeachment witch-trial

FISA judge condemns FBI lies

My plea to the President:

Please, Mr. President, enact EXTREME VOTER ID!  Don’t let the Democrat’s voter fraud machine allowing illegal aliens and felons to vote, conducting ballot harvesting and using provisional ballot fraud to steal seats in Congress.  Make this a decisive victory rather than a watered-down Pyrrhic Victory.  Democrats deserve to go down in flames.  I expect dozens of them to go to prison for their coup attempt.  I will not contribute to Republicans until I see these subversives in prison!  A marginal victory at the ballot box is not enough!

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[Author’s Note: Democrats have gone so far over the edge as to declare that “impeaching Trump is like ending slavery,” and they say they did it “for their children.”  Well guess what?  Their children will eventually grow up and learn the truth that they lied.  God help us when Donald Trump is no longer president.  He has proven to be the only kind of Republican with the heart, the mind, and the balls to stand against the leftist sewer with their corrupt media brainwashing ignorant dupes.  Democrats will not restrain themselves any longer.  They will import Islamists and illegal aliens at an extreme rate, pass laws to disarm Americans and give their illegal invaders rights over citizens, ban Christianity in favor of the evil religions of Islam and atheism, and then abolish the Constitution to remake America in their image.  Only the extremely naïve liberals with their dysfunctional thinking believe in their lies and won’t see through their façade until it is too late – not until the shackles are around their legs.  Fools don’t deserve to live free.

I had an alternate headline ready if Democrats could not whip their freshman moderates into line, “Trump defeats deep state,” only if Democrats actually voted for truth, justice, and the American way. But the leftists have succeeded in knuckling them under their iron fist.  Their claim that they whipped no one is as believable as their Russian collusion.  It is with great disgust that I note the vote of the idiot football player Democrat that took my Republican representative’s seat to join in on impeaching the greatest president since Reagan, Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington for purely political hate.  The left’s rabid Trump Derangement Syndrome and liberal’s dysfunctional backwards thinking has brought this nation to its lowest low since the Civil War.

America’s UnCivil Cold War has been heating up in the streets under liberal fascist Obamaism and will soon become a hot 2nd Civil War.  Unless President Trump brings these usurpers to justice and enacts extreme voter ID, I fear this nation will go down in the flames of democratic socialist liberal fascism to subsumed by their god and bring the world into a new Dark Age.  Then we can only pray for the 2nd Coming of Christ as our descendants are enslaved and liberty becomes a distant hope for the peasants as they are enslaved by the elites once again.  If Donald Trump doesn’t bring up charges to take Democrats down and put them in prison for their traitorous coup attempt, then you can bet that the moment he is out of office he and his family will be sent to the gulag.]

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