President Trump PULL THE TRIGGER!

Congressional Democrats are openly engaging in conspiracy to commit a coup to overthrow the president and undo the last election when it is obvious they are doing so to distract from their own crimes and corruption.  Declare their crimes and make the charges to bring them to trial!  WTF are you waiting for?  Are some deep state swamp rats advising you that it can’t be done while they are charging you with impeachment?  BULLSH*T!  That’s like saying our courts cannot charge criminals while the criminals are filing suit against the court.

It doesn’t matter when you charge them.  They will claim it is a distraction, revenge, unrightful no matter what.  Anyone saying you must wait until Democrat’s charges have run their course before you can respond is in on the conspiracy.  Their attacks will never end.  There will always be some crime with which they will be charging you because offense is the best defense.  An opponent cannot take offense so long as they are playing defense.  You have to take the ball from them and turn the tables.  If you don’t, then their offensive will be eternal until they run out the clock and steal the game.

President Trump, you keep threatening to hold them to account.  You threaten to charge Antifa as a domestic terrorist group.  You threaten to close the border.  You threaten to charge the FISA warrant spies.  Are you just blowing smoke?  Is this all just a deep state scam that runs far deeper than we think?  What is holding you back?  Why are we being kept on the edge of our seats for months?  Is this just about ginning up ire to keep people steamed over voting?  That’s doesn’t work well unless you institute extreme voter ID to stop voter fraud.

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3 Responses to President Trump PULL THE TRIGGER!

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  3. Roy says:

    The president has revealed that the ‘Deep State’ is far more ingrained than we could ever imagined. The vipers in the media tell only lies until the people believe they are truths. Therefore, I’ll cut the president some slack because even the courts prevent him from implementing the most logical decisions to make our country safe.
    The founding fathers provided the greatest document (Constitution) and like spoiled children we have allowed that inheritance to be squandered, abused and nearly destroyed.


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