Mother Pelosi as the two-faced holy roller Pharisee of D.C.

Pelosi screamed at a reporter who asked her why she hates Trump declaring, “I don’t hate, I have a heart full of love,” even as she works to destroy Trump by stabbing him in the back with lies.  Satan said the same thing as he nailed Jesus to the cross.  Democrats are NOT for Americans.  They want to rule Americans.  Democrat holy rollers, Pelosi and Buttigieg, both believe they speak for God against Republicans, while the Catholic Church rejects both for their endorsements of killing babies in the womb.  Nancy Pelosi is not exhibiting the faith of loving Christians but the self-righteous hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

Pelosi’s public face of “love”

Even SNL mocks Pelosi’s phony devotion

Democrats say “the facts are uncontested”

If they actually referred to what the facts were, that Democrats say and do the evils of which they falsely accuse Republicans, then yes, they are uncontested.  But the “facts” to which they refer are their opinions and opinions are like assholes – everyone has one and thinks everybody else’s stinks.  Joe Biden says the president has committed impeachable crimes but says he would not testify if called.  A trial in the Senate carries the weight of any court.  To refuse a subpoena would land him in contempt.  Why would he not testify if he has evidence by which to convict Trump of crimes he says he committed?

This is reminiscent of Adam Schiff-for-brains repeatedly claiming to have proof Trump colluded with Russia.  It’s easy to say someone is guilty.  It is another matter to provide proof of guilt.  Democrats say Trump has a “cult following.”  This is what they think of American patriots, while Antifa, their own cult of Hitler Youths riot against America in the brainwashed belief that they are fighting evil through fascist thuggery.  The problem with immoral people is that they lack the moral compass to recognize the difference between righteous self-defense and leftist assaults to impose their will on others to enslave them.

“The president can name his son Barron but he can’t make him a baron.” – immoral idiot Stanford Professor testifying at Impeachment Hearing attacking the president’s youngest son for the similarity of his name to the old noble title.  Rush Limbaugh mocked her as a “barren” herself being devoid of morality in her hateful wordplay cursing a child.  As she “apologized” by saying she wish Trump would apologize for his crimes she proved she has no remorse.

This statement encompasses all the hate, rage, and fear of President Trump by the left.  It is hatred for his Americanism to undo their communism, rage against Christians who voted for him, and fear that they cannot remove him to restore their power over this great nation.

Nancy Pelosi – the godliest woman in Washington

Pelosi announced that she would move forward with impeaching President Trump “prayerfully and with love of the Constitution.”  Democrats keep saying Trump violates the Constitution, rules as a monarch, and enacts policy for personal gain.  Yet they haven’t provided one iota of evidence and all of their false accusations have exploded in their faces.  Every witness they declared put the nails in Trump’s coffin, brought the walls closing in falling on top of him, and proved their case all fell on their faces under cross examination. Republican witnesses would not attend Schiff’s witch hunt secret hearings because none of them would be allowed to bring attorneys to protect them from entrapment which Democrats surely plotted as they did against everyone in the Mueller investigation.

Republicans were afforded no rights to call witnesses or given more than five minutes to cross examine them, but some of those crosses dropped bombs on Democrats causing them to faceplant in the dirt.  Sondland and Hill both let the air out of Democrat’s balloons and rained on their parades leaving leftwing media scrambling to cover up the truth – that Democrats are not impeaching Trump for crimes but that they are committing the crime of sedition in attempting a coup d’état.

All Roads Lead to Putin

Pelosi says Trump is guilty because he helped Russia against Ukraine.  Trump just gave them their first weapons to fight the Russians.  What about Obama promising Vlad that he would be more flexible after his re-election?  What about Obama denying them weapons for four years?  What about Obama freeing a hundred and fifty billion dollars to Iran, the world’s leading terror state, sending them $1.5B in cash, and trading Taliban leaders for a traitor?

What about Hillary taking hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs for her husband making speeches and trading them 20% of America’s uranium reserves?  What about Hillary hiring Fusion GPS to enlist the services of a foreign spy to produce the Steele Dossier with the help of Russian agents?  What about Obama using those phony documents to obtain FISA warrants by which to spy on the Trump campaign?

Democrats, who had no problem with Obama giving Putin a hand in conquering a third of Ukraine by denying them military aid as promised by treaty, swiftly condemned Trump for what?  Now they scream that Trump has no right to delay aide to get them to continue their corruption investigations because Biden’s son is involved.  Yet that aid was already given before Trump asked for any favors or encouraged Ukraine’s president to do the right thing.  The only roads that lead to Putin are from Democrats!

Democrats campaign against peace and prosperity in America

Democrats are not campaigning to improve American’s lives.  Trump has done the opposite of what Obama did and is making America greater than it has been since the Reagan boom that Democrats then credited to Carter.  Only the dimmest of people believe what they are told rather than what they can see with their own eyes.  They forget what Obama said yesterday when he was managing America’s decline as the new normal and believe he created the economy that is flourishing under Trump.  Democrat’s campaign is only to gin up hate for Trump and his voters, divide the nation, and conquer through lies, fear, hate, and cheating.

Rush on F&F Dec 6

Democrats block Trump from making America great again

Rush Limbaugh’s whole show crushes Democrat’s every lie

Laura Ingraham Dec 5 (YouTube has been completely corrupted)

America needs extreme voter ID – one adult citizen = one vote, not count every vote including all illegal votes as Democrats promote.  Theirs is the ideology of taking away people’s freedoms, freedom to speak, freedom to defend themselves, and freedom to choose right over wrong.  Their opposing ideologies are easily summed up:

Righteous ideology – live and let live

Leftist ideology – impose their will on others

The right will only restrict the freedom of criminals to harm the innocent, while the left embraces criminals as being oppressed.  There is no doubt which faction is on the side of good vs. evil.  Lying about being good is worthless when their deeds are the opposite of righteousness.

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[These self-righteous, hypocritical leftists are the people who give the Catholic Church a bad name.  They are the ones who led the Inquisition.  Just as Protestant churches conducting a survey to find that only half of church attendees were Christians, the Catholic Church suffers from the same problem of some of their members being pretenders.  As Jesus said of false prophets, we know them by their fruits.  Deeds, not words, are the measure of a man.  The pathological liar will wrap himself in the cloak of righteousness, but it is a cloak of shadow.  If you want to know how well a person understands and believes in Christianity, then just ask them if Hitler was a Christian.  For those who answer yes, ask them what is the religion of Jesus and they’ll likely give you a good laugh.]

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2 Responses to Mother Pelosi as the two-faced holy roller Pharisee of D.C.

  1. Stuart Buncher says:

    Hitler was a vegan with a full time astrologer. He believed in the old myth of the great Aryan race. Even his Generals grew to hate him. Rommel joined other Generals in the failed bomb plot to assassinate Hitler and died for it.


  2. Judyann J, RN says:

    Democrats, Elites DON’T care about America or our people. They don’t care about ANYBODY.
    Understand this and you will always know where they are coming from and going:
    Dems/Elites all share but ONE common goal, Transforming America into an unopposed, single party Marxist style of government. Their EVERY thought and deed is laser focused on that goal.

    If you ever doubted this, their response to losing the WH in 2016 CLEARLY DEFINES them.
    There is not a single Dem initiative you can name which does not translate into a move toward their one ultimate goal.


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