A Sucker is Born Every Minute – How Democrats Stay in Business

P.T. Barnum was right about those who are left out in the cold when it comes to wits.  In a world where there are a million people in cities, where people don’t know their neighbors, liars, thieves, and charlatans abound.  Psychologists have barely touched the surface of human characteristics.  The percentage of people who lie to stroke their own egos, to conceal secrets, to appease others, to deceive victims, and to cheat their fellow man are all unknown factors.  People may have become more technologically advanced, scientifically literate, and medically advanced, but we are still living in the dark ages when it comes to politics and the art of lying.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus warned, “Beware of false prophets, you will know them by their fruits.”  Barack Obama mischaracterized His words as meaning you will know a person’s character by the friends they keep.  The actual meaning is that you will know if a person lies by the deeds they do and the results they produce.  A false prophet is anyone who tells you a fact that they declare to be the truth that is false.  Some people would rather hear a reassuring lie than to face an inconvenient truth.  There are fraudsters and scammers who will tell people that so that they fall for their lies.  Understanding the truth requires understanding the facts behind it.  Without that knowledge people will be fooled.

This is why Democrats insist that their liberal followers believe what they say and not listen to what Republicans say to contradict them.  Because if you hear the facts of both sides then the light may come on to realize it is Democrats who are duping them.  The primary difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals become conservatives when they grow up and become educated.  That’s why Democrats want young teenagers to vote rather than old people.  Winston Churchill was spot on when he said, “If you’re over thirty and a liberal, you have no brain.”  Those who do not become educated remain duped for life.  The inconvenient truth they never face is that they are not as smart as they think they are.  They would rather adhere to the reassuring lie that strokes their egos.

Democrat’s impeachment scam is the perfect case study of how vacuous liberal thinking is when the facts come out.  These hearings, starring Adam Schiff as “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” are a farce for the benefit of the witless who vote.  They merely provide cover for Democrat’s massive voter fraud in which some criminals vote multiple times, allow illegal aliens to vote, and create false ballots that they put in the trunks of their cars in case they are needed to overturn elections.  America is in grave danger of being lost to a Dark Age of Socialism in which criminal leftists dupe gullible liberals into helping them overthrow the country and establish a new socialist dictatorship by which to rule the 21st century.

If you’re listening to CNN, MSNBC, or any of the leftwing media, you only know half the story.  The other half you are being told are the smears of slanders of conservatives that leftists tell to distract, miseducate, dupe, and manipulate their listeners.  If you listen to FOX and conservative talk radio you are more likely to have the story from both sides with all the facts.  This is why you can query liberals about simple facts like which political party created the KKK and 90% of them will get it wrong.  The other ten percent are the ones perpetrating the lies.

As Democrats now scream that Trump is guilty of bribery, none of what they say has any basis in fact.  Their star witnesses just admitted there was no bribery.  In impeachment, bribery only applies if the president is taking bribes, not offering them to foreign governments to get what he wants.  Pelosi’s prayers of a stupid public and lying witnesses was not answered this day.  The media will not publish or broadcast the exposure of their lies.  When a true prophet like Rush Limbaugh exposes the truth, the left’s only defense is to call him a liar.  This is how lying thieves throughout history have deflected attention from their guilt.

Ratcliffe Busts Democrats on Focus-Grouped “Bribery” Charge

Schiff and his fellow Democrats are all being exposed as engaging in a conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.  Unless President Trump takes action to bring these people to justice then America will continue to descend into darkness.  When Khrushchev threatened to bury America’s children, he was talking about nuking us.  But more devious leftists than himself realized they can be just as effective by miseducating our children to bury themselves in ignorance.  Unless President Trump prosecutes these criminals and institutes extreme voter ID before the next election by Executive Order, America stands a good chance of being lost.

Democrat’s Schiff Show

Democrats say investigating their crimes is a crime

Charge Schiff with Conspiracy and Biden with Bribery and Extortion

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2 Responses to A Sucker is Born Every Minute – How Democrats Stay in Business

  1. guidvce4 says:

    The left is in deep do-do, and they know it. Yet, they bravely(lol) soldier on with the faux impeachment nonsense. They’ve gone too far down this track to slow down or stop it. Now it is down to just slowing down the Trump Train before the ’20 election. All the while probably not realizing they are the ones fueling the train’s ever increasing momentum.
    Their shiny thing at the end of their impeachment tunnel is the Trump Train headed towards their rickety hand cart. It won’t end well if they continue. And they will continue, to the detriment of the country and the citizens of this great nation.
    KAG 2020.

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  2. steve says:

    The shape shifter by the name of Adam is indeed playing the pied piper’s fiddle leading the sleepy sheep into the caged fold where they get to see the world from their limited view. All they know is that they are fed regularly free of charge and kept warm just enough to keep them in their places and that every now and then they can get a free haircut so they can baah away and feel cool.

    If this liberal – and very “progressive” in the worst sense of the word – conspiracy had taken place in the time of Lincoln – admittedly a conspiracy by the government – that replaced an murdered republican with a ready and willing democrat who coincidently allowed Black Codes in the South – we would be facing ultimate doom as a country. This time fortunately we have better technology and means to expose and deflect the crooked media and the political coup they are helping to perpetrate with the democrats and their supporters. We are also very fortunate to have the caliber of Republicans and those associated with them who are defending Trump and this administration and this country despite overwhelming threats wielded by the Democrats and their Deep State.


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