All Roads Lead to Putin? – BS!

All roads lead to Pelosi, Hillary, and Obama.  They declare Trump is guilty of betraying the country to Russia, yet there is not one mention of Russia in their articles of impeachment.  Instead, this is about an upstart businessman defying them – the ruling elites.  All of the criminality in this impeachment has occurred with every Democrat from Obama on down to AOC, from FISA warrant violations to slandering Republicans.  Idiot Cortez, who is now making millions for being a stupid tool, is being touted as a genius.  Like Maxine Waters, her only “genius” is in having voters who are so lacking in IQ that they elect a leader whose only redeeming quality is having a big mouth talking nasty about the righteous.  Pelosi has only proven that, like McCain, she is willing to betray the nation by leading a witch trial in supplication to the radical, America-hating left.  That means that there is someone else, some group behind and above them, some leftist elitist fascist tyrants, who are pulling their strings guiding the Democrat Party on their course of ultimate corruption to overthrow America and burn the Constitution.

Trump’s Letter to Pelosi for impeachment witch-trial

Outraged by the Criminality Revealed in the IG Report

Trump tells Pelosi & Co. to take their Impeachment Inquiry and Shove It!

[Author’s Note: Liberals curse McConnell for refusing Schumer’s demand to allow him to call witnesses against Trump.  These same liberals applauded Nadler and Schiffhead for denying Republicans any witnesses in House hearings.  They say they have everything needed to impeach the president, but then want Republicans to hand them more rope.  These same liberals cursed Republicans who criticized Greta Thunberg for advocated the climate change fraud because she’s just a teenager, but all cheered Bill Maher when he said he would punch teenager Nicholas Sandmann in the face for standing innocently while being accosted by radical liberals.  Two-faced liberals!  They have more than enough rope.  Pray that Trump uses it to hang them – not just at the ballot.]

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1 Response to All Roads Lead to Putin? – BS!

  1. Roy says:

    All the money for the Democrat party comes from low information voters, BLM, LBGTQI, Code Pink, Globalist business, anti-Americans,Communist and Socialist parties. When will the Republican’s stop saying Nancy is smart and a moderate? She, Chuck U Schumer and the DNC are owned by the socialists therefore are socialists themselves. They KNOW they are destroying their own country!

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