Article II of the Constitution makes the President a King

Democrats say that President Trump invoking Article II of the Constitution is his attempt to make himself a king.  Article II gives the president total power over his administration to be the boss.  He’s the man in charge.  He chooses who works for him and who gets fired.  So, when Trump said he can do whatever he wants in regard to his administration, he can!  For Democrats to take what President Trump said about his Article II powers enabling him to do whatever he wants with his own personnel, and try to change the context to portray that as him thinking it makes him the king is just the pits of depravity.  Are Democrats stupid or do they just think you are stupid?  This is how Democrats take everything Trump says out of context to try to warp people’s opinions of him.

Democrat Speaker Pelosi told her wavering pack of fools that she would pass Trump’s USMCA Trade Agreement in return for them supporting his impeachment.  This sounds like typical two-faced Democrats trying to buy off fools.  This would be a humongous win for Trump proving how great he is in enacting his policies, while at the same time damning him and wanting him removed from office.  Pelosi said they made some changes to the agreement that made it much better.  What changes?  Did she make it so that Democrats get a profit from every trade to line their greedy pockets?  Business is not about making government rich.  It’s about making the people prosperous – but that’s not the Democrat’s model.  In Democrat’s world, the only people who prosper are those who first grease the palms of politicians.

This is how corruption works.  Taking things out of context is how leftists deceive the ignorant.  It’s like Trump saying women let him grab them by the pussy, and they portray this as being an admission of molestation as if he is a serial molester like Bill Clinton who grabs women without consent and rapes children with his buddy Epstein.  It’s like Trump saying Russia should find Hillary’s missing emails that she bleach-bitted out of existence, and they portray this as being an invitation for Russians to hack the U.S. government, and then claim they did it five hours later when Hillary’s servers were destroyed a year before.  It’s like Trump saying CNN is reporting fake news when every story they tell of him is a lie, and they portray this as being an attempt to shut down the free press to stop them from reporting the news.  Everything Trump does that leftists, liberals, and Democrats report is always taken out of context for the purpose of duping their unwitty followers.

Donald Trump’s campaign was spied on by the Obama regime that attempted to sabotage him.  They tried to plant an agent in his campaign to create Russian collusion.  That IG Horowitz said he could find no political bias in this action is the pinnacle of vacuous investigating.  Who in the FBI would admit they are biased?  There are clearly Democrats operating in the FBI who assist Democrats against Republicans.  This kind of activity cannot be allowed to go unpunished.  If President Trump doesn’t bring the Democrats behind this coup attempt to justice then they will have succeeded in not only overcoming our justice system but will eventually succeed in overthrowing the Constitution on which our laws are based.

Democrat’s phony claims that they are fighting to uphold the Constitution with their impeachment flies in the face of their cries to abolish it from the Electoral College to the 2nd Amendment.  All Democrats are two-faced deceivers and liberals are their willing dupes.  Trump is putting judges in place so that Democrats can’t pack the courts with their activists that overrule the law and make up their own.  That’s why Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court with an additional six liberals so that they can create whatever law they want.  If Democrats win through their voter fraud, then you can bet the Constitution will be the first thing they strip from the citizens.

Trump keeps claiming he’s a king

Trump was spied on

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[Author’s Note: Obama is the one who lamented publicly about not being king and then acted as one for his last two years.  He used his pen and his phone to impose debilitating laws on the American people, including closing coal mines in the USA.  That these states continue to elect Democrats after this to be governors who unleash felons to vote for them against the citizens is proof of their voter fraud and why American needs an extreme national voter ID law.  Congress won’t pass it.  Only President Trump could enact such a law to give the power to the people, and no doubt Democrats would say his writing such an executive order would be the tyranny of a monarch proving how backwards they think.]

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