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Sex, Lies, and Redacting-Gate

Leftists continue to laboriously sling mud at Trump with sex abuse allegations in the fanatic attempt to portray him as Bill Clinton and it continues to slide off The Teflon Don and land in their own laps.  Adam Schiff(ty) hit … Continue reading

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Democrat Coup – The “Nothing Burger” Democrats are Desperate to Suppress

If the Nunes memo is a pack of lies that contains no honest information, and is such a nothing burger that it can do no harm, why did the Democrats claim it would destroy America’s intelligence agencies?  Why were they … Continue reading

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Democrats corrupt and smear everything righteous.  Evil hides among the good and the FBI and DoJ are no exceptions.  Leftists are saying the memo detailing the abuses and violations of the law within the FBI and DoJ are a matter … Continue reading

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Democrat’s 2 Faces – Now the “Pigs” are Noble

Liberal Democrats constantly smear American law enforcement as corrupt, racist pigs who murder innocent black men.  They’ve had riots against the police for killing criminals.  They’ve organized assassins through Black Lives Matter to murder police.  Even the NFL has been … Continue reading

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Presidential Crimes and Corruption at the FBI

The Obama/Hillary Conspiracy Not only did Obama violate the Constitution in protecting illegals, not only do Democrats violate citizen’s rights in promoting foreign invaders over them, not only did Hillary scrub her emails of national security violations, not only did … Continue reading

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The Rise of Fascism in America – Hearts of Hate

America has seen in the last few years what everyone said could never happen here in the greatest nation of liberty in history – the rise of Hitlerian fascism.  Barack Obama stood in front of cameras yesterday and predicted that … Continue reading

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Priebus and Sessions beset by lack of confidence

Obama embeds and Mueller are violating criminal law with their leaks and fishing expeditions to find some way to take down Trump.  Who can Trump trust?  This explains why he has his own children working with him. Stories are coming … Continue reading

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Democrat coup attempt continues as GOP lies down

  I talked to a Russian.  According to Democrats, who love Communists, when a Republican does so that is a crime punishable by death!  The two faces of Washington politicians are both ugly.  On the one side, liberal fascists convict … Continue reading

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Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

Democrats claiming that Trump colluded with the Russians to somehow steal the election are going to come up as empty, impotent, and frustrated as Republicans that contested Obama’s American citizenship. Many believed that where Obama was born would disqualify him … Continue reading

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Leftist Witch Hunt

President Trump tweeted, “I’m being investigated for firing Comey by the man who told me to fire Comey!”  What more perfect representation of backstabbing, two-faced leftist ideology is there than that? What do the Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, Hitler’s … Continue reading

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