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America tells Democrats to stick to it up their A$$!

Add to all the hundreds of millions Hillary flushed down the toilet trying to buy the presidency another few tens of millions from liberal America haters trying to buy a congressional seat in a Republican district in Georgia.  Seeing leftists … Continue reading

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CAESAR, Beware the Ides of March!  GOP Establishment turns on Trump

Establishment Republicans are joining with their Democrat buddies in launching an attack on Trump over Flynn that is meant to set up his impeachment.  Today is the Ides of February and Trump has yet to have his full Cabinet seated … Continue reading

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Why the GOP would rather have Hillary or a Democrat Congress

GOP elites jumping off the Trump Train over Democrat propaganda is more than just a sex scandal.  No one ever said Republicans must be virginal except the party of perversion. NeverTrumpers of the GOP Establishment elites who haven’t thrown in … Continue reading

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