Killing the ObamaCare Tax – taking another head of the Hydra

Republicans have a major problem undoing ObamaCare, one of which is because they don’t want to lose the revenue.

President Trump has his hands full.  The Democrat media is acting only to smear him, his people, and everything they do.  They do not report any of his accomplishments except to paint them as being destructive.  Trump is undoing all of the Obama’s executive orders that have throttled America energy and American businesses.  He is only able to do this because Obama’s EOs are not legislation, they are dictates.  But ObamaCare was passed when Democrats had a Supermajority in Congress, meaning they had sixty votes that were filibuster proof.  Republicans were not allowed to read the ObamaCare bill until after Democrats passed it.  So undoing this takes more than a simple majority that Republicans refuse to even muster, and those that stand against it want the tax mandate abolished.

This bill is an anchor around the neck of the Middle Class whom Obama threw overboard to appeal to his rich donor class.  ObamaCare is the greatest peace time Middle Class tax increase in history.  The people who are forced to pay for it cannot afford it, and even after paying for it cannot afford to use it!  Democrats, who were willing to nuke the economy in 2008 by crashing the mortgage banks, and then perpetuate loss by stealing from future taxpayers to pay back their donors who lost big on the Stock Market, have run up a colossal $20T debt while at the same time crushing the economy.

The problem with ObamaCare is not undoing the law, but because Republicans want the tax revenue for themselves.  They say they don’t want to piss off independents using ObamaCare.  But what does the latter matter since if they like it they’re voting for Democrats anyway?  The only people who like it are the 10% that are being subsidized for it by taxpayer dollars.  What matters is the tax revenue that the CBO says the government will lose.  The CBO is not bipartisan and does not do dynamic scoring.  That’s why they predicted ObamaCare would save $2T when it was initiated, but now say it will cost $5T.  That’s why Democrats designed it to be implemented over time.  As it becomes more onerous they would push for single payer to put the government in charge of all healthcare tax money and put insurance companies out of business.  With Republicans in charge they can now use them as scapegoats.  By the same token Democrats say Republican changes to healthcare will kill millions.  That’s not just predicting the future mumbo jumbo like their global warming scam.  That’s hateful, slanderous, fear-mongering propaganda which is all that their ideology teaches.

The Washington Establishment doesn’t believe in the doctrine that Reagan, Kennedy, and Harding proved to be the most beneficial – that reducing income taxes allows more money in the economy.  They don’t believe that when people have more money they create more jobs which creates more tax revenue.  This kind of two dimensional, zero sum thinking is why Democrat economies always fail and Republicans who stand with them are just as bad.  (Kennedy was the lone exception to this and leftwing communists killed him for it.)  ObamaCare repeal and tax reform are desperately needed to help American recover from the Obama debacle.

But Trump is up against both the Democrats and the Republican establishment who are all elitists that see him as an outsider, one of those “new money” upstarts trying to mess with their aristocracy.  In order to really do good for America, President Trump needs to not only keep Democrats out of the till, but replace Republicans who stand with them.  The saving of America will not happen in a year or even in four years.  Cutting off the heads of the leftist Hydra only begets more heads.  To kill the body Americans must go after the education system that has been thoroughly infiltrated and corrupted by the Left.  Our only hope is in educating the next generation by revealing the lying propaganda of the Democrat media to expose the deceptions and insanity they perpetuate.  America has been under Democrat control or influence for most of the last century with only a few glimmers of light.  Teddy Roosevelt made a fatal error in splitting the Republican vote in 1912 giving Democrats control when they had just been defeated in the war to end slavery just fifty years before.  They have been exacting their revenge ever since and it will take Donald Trump and all righteous Americans to put an end to it.  Now that Trump is trying to take their slaves away again they are ready once again to go to war.

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