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Denial of Innocence – Democrat’s War on Trump Republicans

Constitutional Law is founded on the principle that we are innocent until proven guilty.  Leftists, however, have their ideology founded in conservatives charged with wrongdoing are guilty until proven innocent and even then remain guilty.  Liberal Democrats deliberately misapply American … Continue reading

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Democrats prove they are unable to learn from their mistakes

The same liberals who had complete faith in Mueller saying they have proof that Trump colluded with Russia are now saying that Mueller is a Trump operative covering up the truth.  Before the Mueller investigation came to any conclusions, they … Continue reading

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American Gestapo – Mueller Takes Down Another Trump Supporter

Once again, Democrat operative Robert Mueller had another white collar “criminal” taken down by a pre-dawn FBI SWAT team raid – and CNN was invited to watch?!?  This extremist leftwing Democrat treats white collar arrests like he’s going after a … Continue reading

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Mueller’s Conspiracy Revealed when Redactions are Exposed

The Obama/Hillary Coup is coming unraveled in public.  Mueller, who has enjoyed violating the 4th Amendment rights of everyone on the Trump team with impunity during his witch-hunt, is being beset by the courts, Congress, and even his Russian victims.  … Continue reading

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AG Sessions may be held in Contempt of Congress

Sessions is proving the adage; “It’s not what we say, but what we do that defines us.” How does a Republican AG who supports President Trump obstruct a Republican Congress from investigating Democrat crimes?  Lois Lerner was held in contempt … Continue reading

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AG Jeff Sessions the Legal Mouse

At a time when American needs a legal eagle who is a lion of law the nation has Jeff Sessions.  Yes, he was the first senator to jump on the Trump Train.  Yes, he has stayed loyal.  Yes, he has … Continue reading

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Democrats corrupt and smear everything righteous.  Evil hides among the good and the FBI and DoJ are no exceptions.  Leftists are saying the memo detailing the abuses and violations of the law within the FBI and DoJ are a matter … Continue reading

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