Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

Democrats claiming that Trump colluded with the Russians to somehow steal the election are going to come up as empty, impotent, and frustrated as Republicans that contested Obama’s American citizenship.

Many believed that where Obama was born would disqualify him for office, but the fact that his mother was an American citizen made the question moot.  Where Obama was born was not his problem, but where and how he was raised.  He grew up in Indonesia as a Moslem where he learned to hate America.  That is why he believed it was right to make Americans guilty of crimes against the world, rather than recognize America as being the world’s savior, giving him license to diminish this nation.

Obama’s Islamic heritage

The story that Trump colluded with Russians to steal the election from Hillary was born on Election Day.  Despite all the testimony in their search for evidence that this did not happen and could not be done by hacking voting machines, or that WikiLeaks changed people’s minds, one third of people still believe it did.  This is the problem of liberal psychology in always blaming others for problems they cause for themselves.  They disregard the fact that Obama’s anti-American agenda during his tenure resulted in Democrats being voted out of office throughout the nation.  Two-thirds of Americans are sick to death of the Russian collusion story.  They’ve come to know that it’s all a fiction created by the Democrats and their media for the purpose of delegitimizing the Trump presidency and cover up their own crimes.  What this means, though, is that one of three fools still believe this fabrication and they are willing to lead an insurrection against America’s rightfully elected government in the delusion belief they are resisting an imposed tyranny.

The only crimes that were committed during the Trump campaign, election, and administration have all been committed by Democrats spying, leaking, and what not!  Special Prosecutor Mueller, whom liberals say is above reproach, is violating the 4th Amendment to try to find some dirt on Trump & Co. and using taxpayer money to do it!  For Mueller to investigate what is already known to be a fraud and is using it to commit a crime against Americans is the pinnacle of leftist betrayal.  He is not trying to find the felonious leakers or uncover Obama’s spies, but trying to find anything with which to damn Trump.  This needs to be ended.


Understanding the Russia Collusion story in easy steps:

  • The DNC says it was hacked and vital emails exposed to WikiLeaks.
  • They deny the FBI permission to investigate.
  • They also refuse assistance by Homeland to secure their servers.
  • Obama says there may be Russian attempts to hack the election.
  • He proposes the NSA he controls oversee polling.
  • Red States refuse distrusting his motives suspecting he may rig the voting.
  • Democrats lose the presidential election despite their lying media’s claim that Hillary would win in a landslide.
  • Leftists declare Trump won with Russian help and stole the election.
  • They claim there was an attempt to hack voting machines by Russians.
  • Everyone in government says there have always been hacking attempts, but denies there has ever been any successful hack.
  • CIA agents reveal they can plant the fingerprints of anyone they want on a hack.
  • FBI Director Comey reveals that Donald Trump was never the subject of an investigation regardless of all Democrat claims that he was, and despite the fact that they knew from closed sessions with Comey that this was false.
  • Obama & Co. continue to pursue the lie to cover-up the leaks that proved he was treasonously spying on the Trump campaign worse than Nixon ever dreamed and that his deep state operatives are still actively sabotaging Trump from reclaiming America for the people.

Obama and the DNC are going to keep up this farce until they can be certain their crimes will not come back to haunt them.  This is the basic tactical strategy that “offense is the best defense.”  An opponent cannot counter-attack if he keep him rocked back on his heels.  This is a distraction to keep the attention of the people off of the crimes of the Democrats.

Hannity shred Russia Collusion fiction

CNN Employees resign over fake Russia collusion story

Project Veritas: CNN Producer admits Russian Collusion story is B.S.

Liberals try to impose their reality on the rest of the nation.  In their insane fantasy they are the French Resistance and Trump is the Nazi Occupation.  They not only don’t believe Trump should legitimately be president, but believe he has seized power and established a dictatorship.  They believe this gives them the right to obstruct, lie, riot, and even kill.  But they are not the resistance fighting an illegitimate conqueror.  They are insurrectionists fighting the rightfully elected government in support of their own tyranny.  How psychotic are they that they voted for a dictator in Obama who attempted to establish his tyranny but then oppose Trump who received the endorsement of most states!  Barack Hussein Obama, a communist who was raised a Moslem in a foreign land where he was taught to hate America, should never have been elected president.  As president he didn’t represent Americans.  He represented foreigners, America haters, even America’s enemies seeking to fundamentally transform and undo American greatness and end American Exceptionalism.  Are Democrats traitorous or are they psychotic?  This evidence reveals not insane people, but duplicitous people seeking to dupe the ignorant into believing their malevolence is benevolent.  Their creation of a fictional conspiracy has been brought into the light and they are quivering in fear that that light will next shine on their crimes.

Allen West something fishy about DNC hack

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2 Responses to Russian Collusion is Democrat’s Birther Movement

  1. Eileen says:

    The voting machines can only be hacked locally. The Democrats really expect us to believe that Putin cared so much thst he sent agents to the 3000 or so counties? The hacker was shown to be our very own DHS under Obama loyalist Jeh Johnson! So does that make him a Russian?


    • dustyk103 says:

      It’s worse than that. All voting machines are autonomous and must be collected individually and their data recorded at a central location. Plus, every country has a number of voting precincts. You can probably figure that there are something like a hundred machines per county. Impossible to hack, but not impossible to commit voter fraud with Democrat pollsters taking machines and trying to tally up more votes. That’s why Detroit and Philly took so many hours after the polls closed before they turned in their tallies because Democrats were trying to eek out a few more votes. But their frauds couldn’t put Hillary over the top. Their millions of illegal voters were only in the states they controlled, California, New York, and that is why we have the Electoral College so that massive voter fraud by a couple of states cannot overwhelm the rest of the country. That’s why Democrats want to do away with the college. It’s like the losing team in the Super Bowl wanting to do away with scoring and base the winner on which team runs the ball the most yards.


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