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Democrat ideology – the delusion of leftist righteousness

When your most cherished freedoms are founded in corruption; aiding criminals, indulging in sexual perversion, slandering others as racist sexists, and killing babies in the womb, you are not a righteous person. Libs don’t know jack sh*t about concentration camps, … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Reinstates Trump’s Travel Ban on Moslems

In a ruling made even before the case is heard the Supreme Court overturned the leftist courts that imposed a stay on Trump’s travel ban from certain Islamic countries. Supreme Court overturns lower court stays on Trump’s Moslem travel ban … Continue reading

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Lala judges, NOT Trump, are in violation of the Constitution

The U.S. Code of Law is clear.  Trump has complete authority to institute a ban on whomever he, as President, deems dangerous to Americans even if that includes ALL Moslems! Liberal Activist Leftwing Anarchist judges are not ruling in accordance … Continue reading

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Expect Obama to make a recess appointment of a Moslem to the Supreme Court

Would Obama appointment a Moslem to the Supreme Court?  Republicans have already said they would not permit Obama to make another appointment to the Supreme Court before the end of his term.  But Obama has a history of ruling by … Continue reading

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