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Hillary wins recount to become President!  Democrat prayers answered!

Don’t they wish?  Hillary’s Leftarts are terrorizing America in an effort to overturn the election and thwart democracy. Democrats are proving they are the true threat to democracy in America.  They believed their own lies about a Hillary landslide that … Continue reading

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Democrat socialists got shafted as GOP got b*tch slapped

Draining the swamp will not be easy. On Nov. 8th, sixty million people voted for the corrupt Washington elites to be brought down, while another sixty million votes were cast in support of that corruption.  Hillary won the popular vote … Continue reading

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One president, two issues, three elements

The Republican Party is more powerful than it has been since the 1920s and the Democrat Party has been ripped apart by Obamaism and the Left’s destruction of America’s economy, values, and culture. How can Republicans be happy with Trump’s … Continue reading

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America – a house divided between adults and spoiled brats

Remember the Republican riots of 2008 when Obama was elected president?  Patriots realized that Americans had just overwhelmingly elected an anti-American, anti-Christian Moslem socialist to be leader of the free world at a time that the world was engaged in … Continue reading

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America: Episode IV – A New Hope!

HILLARY GOT TRUMPED!  A new day dawns in America as patriots overcome the Democrat voter fraud machine to rekindle the light of liberty. Ding dong the witch is dead!  The Clinton/Bush era is over.  The Obama Regime has been toppled … Continue reading

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The Electoral College is designed to limit voter fraud

The Electoral College protects America from massive voter fraud America’s Founders knew what they were doing when they designed America’s electoral system.  They understood the problems created by dishonest people and politicians using voter fraud to get the results they … Continue reading

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Awesome Trump contract with Americans the media won’t broadcast

Democrat media is maintaining a media blackout on Donald Trump.  They only broadcast Hillary and Obama and their smears of Trump and the Republicans. In Gettysburg, PA last weekend, Donald Trump laid out his entire plan for his presidency.  But … Continue reading

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