Hillary wins recount to become President!  Democrat prayers answered!


Don’t they wish?  Hillary’s Leftarts are terrorizing America in an effort to overturn the election and thwart democracy.

Democrats are proving they are the true threat to democracy in America.  They believed their own lies about a Hillary landslide that left them so devastated they are suffering psychotic breaks.  Now they are trying to overturn the election by any means possible including;

  • Rioting in the streets
  • Making death threats against Electors to change their votes
  • Demanding recounts in states not close enough to require it by law
  • Declaring computers were hacked (which they said couldn’t be done!)

Hillary and her Leftarts (Leftwing America-hating Radical Terrorist Socialists), along with their media puppets, have been saying that Trump declaring he would refuse to accept election results if he loses is “a threat to our democracy.”  Here they are, as usual, projecting their own intentions onto Republicans and then living up to the promise of their own degenerate nature.  They are trying to initiate recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania so they can “discover” more Hillary votes.

Leftarts are seeking to repeat Minnesota of 2008 wherein Democrats reversed and stole the election from the Republican winner.  That was where Democrats “discovered” hundreds more votes in the trunks of cars.  These were nothing more than absentee ballots forged by Democrat pollsters for people who didn’t show up to vote.  They overturned the senatorial election to give the Democrats the Supermajority that enabled them to inflict all their damage on America with absolute power.  The Democratic Nazi Communist Party believes they can do it again on a national scale with tens of thousands of new votes in the three closest key states.

Leftarts are the true threat to democracy and liberty in America:

  • Do not accept election results
  • Threaten the lives of Electors
  • Threaten democracy by overturning the people’s choice
  • Overthrow the Constitution to install a dictatorship
  • Rioting over election results
  • Committing police assassinations
  • Slandering Trump and his supporters as racists, et al.
  • Promote anti-American propaganda
  • Indoctrinate children punishing those who like Trump
  • Declare conservative media to report ‘fake news’
  • Believe conservative’s satires of Leftart’s lies to be real news
  • Believe their comedians report actual news

If Democrats want to start the Second Civil War by trying to steal the election and keep their dictatorship going then they will like the results even less than they did the first time.

Democrats working to overturn election

Electors deluged with death threats

Millions voted illegally for Hillary

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