Democrat Derangement Syndrome result of leftist deceptions


Hillary lost and liberals don’t just want a trophy – they want the crown!

Cowboy’s EPIC takedown of liberal protesters

Defining American liberals is easy – ignorance lacking morality compounded by bigotry.  Now that they lost the election the spoiled little brats want to change the rules and get a trophy.  No, they want to change the results and take the crown.  For all their talk about equality and democracy their true colors come out when they lose.  Then everyone sees that they are not the people who believe in being fair, but are the tyrants who declare, “If I can’t have it, no one can!”

Democrats create toilets in which they wallow and it takes a Republican to clean it up.  A liberal protester took a break from smashing windows to declare, “My people are blacks and Hispanics and women and gays and Moslems.”  Well my people are decent human beings!  My people are Americans!  Leftist’s identity politics is why Democrats have divided against this nation.

My people are not restricted to just WASPs.  My people are Christians because Jesus taught us to be considerate of others.  Democrats teach greed and envy to their subjects and encourage them to steal from those who work for a living and live as parasite by voting for a living.  And when those who work vote against them then the rocks get thrown and the knives come out.


Leftist deception leads to liberal delusion resulting in Democrat Derangement Syndrome.  We’ve seen it with Bush, with Palin, and now with Trump.  Liberals are mentally deranged, completely, unhinged, enraged to the point their hate and evil is being unleashed on their own children.  A CEO was fired for saying he wants to kill Trump as he should have been.  Making a terrorist threat against the president is different than saying you wish he was dead.  The media is angered Trump ditched them to go to dinner with his family because they might not be on hand for his assassination.  That hasn’t stopped the Democrat media from conducting character assassinations of Trump and all conservatives every day declaring his transition team to be in turmoil because Trump won’t install the people the leftists want.


Liberals exist in their own minds as the heroes, but in the real world they are the corrupt contradicting their words of peace with their hateful actions.  Leftists are rioting against hate.  Liberal snowflakes need safe spaces where politics cannot be spoken.  These people are insane.  They function in society dysfunctionally.  They are the reason there is corruption and that we define deviancy down.  They are why we must choose between the lesser of two evils because they promote evil.

What liberals say and what they do:

  • Say they want to promote child care while they promote killing babies in the womb.
  • Say they want to help veterans while they take money from them for illegal immigrants.
  • Say they want to help seniors while they give money they saved to dead beats.
  • Say they want to aid refugees while they impose Sharia Islamists on the West.
  • Say they want to make America strong while killing our energy production making us dependent on foreign powers.

I reject everything about the left; the ignorance, the delusion, the disrespect, the lack of consideration for others, the hate, the bigotry, all are products of liberalism.  They burn the symbol of freedom and call it free speech.  They smear what is righteous while promoting corruption.  Democrats are trying to delegitimize the mandate of Trump’s presidency saying the Electoral College is faulty because they claim Hillary won the popular vote.  But that was due to voter fraud on the part of Democrat controlled states and pollsters, which is what the college was created to help prevent and it did so.  Otherwise the ghetto people of Democrat cities will control the country rather than the working people of Middle America.

Rush Limbaugh had a great analogy of how the college works within the laws and rules of the game by comparing it to the 1960 World Series.  The Pittsburgh Pirates won 4 of 7 games and the title, but the New York Yankees scored 55-27 total runs.  The title is not based on who scores the most runs in seven games, but who wins the most games.  Pitt won four of the games by a small margin, but the Yankees ran up the score in the games they won.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter in the Electoral College how many total votes a candidate gets, but the number of states a candidate wins.  This is deliberate to keep individual states from stuffing the ballot box to skew the election.  Now leftists are trying again to abolish the college and asking Electors to select someone other than Trump as president to violate the will of the people whom they see as witless racists.

Now liberals are trying to coerce Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell to appoint a liberal to the Supreme Court in Scalia’s seat before Trump takes the Oath of Office.  “Never give up, never surrender” is an admirable trait when you are fighting for right.  But when you are fighting for wrong it is diabolical.  That is why the war between Good and Evil is often obscured to those without a moral compass.  They lack the moral wisdom and understanding that comes with learning that it takes to become a conservative.  That is why it is imperative we pass on what we have learned to the next generation to guide them down the right path.  It’s easy for them to be led astray by honeyed words of what is fair to choose what is easy.  But life isn’t fair so they must be taught what is just so they will choose what is right.

Trump’s legacy will either be restoring America’s greatness or being stifled by Democrats and RINOs who want to keep Americans in thrall.  He is already proving he is the man the TEA Party movement has needed to take the fight to the socialist minority that is corrupting this country.  In dumping Christie who wanted to put establishment Republicrats in charge he has proven he will not embrace moderate’s corruption.  The people he is putting on his team are the best of people that the TEA Party has wanted to be in charge like Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Sarah Palin, and Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  His team is there to run down the Democrats and RINOs who would stop him from ending their gravy train they’ve been enjoying at our expense.  If liberals cannot understand this then they are part of the problem and need to be run over with the rest if they stand in the way.

Liberals think that the far right and far left are where the extremists are that make up the Nazis and Communists.  They believe the middle is the right balance between Republican and Democrat.  But there is no such thing as a proper balance between right and wrong.  Their paradigm is as wrong as Obama’s belief that he is on the right side of history in diminishing America.  Advancing Islam and his globalist agenda importing illegals as cheap labor and Moslems to subvert the Constitution is not American.

There is no right or wrong side of history.  There are only those who rise and those who fall whether good or evil.  Obama has led America into decline.  Trump vows to lead America back to greatness.  On which side of history do you want America to be?


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  1. Eileen says:

    It was only when I engaged in productive activity that I understood the Electoral College. I’m wondering if Preibus’ appointment is to keep the electors in line just like Manafort was brought in to secure the delegated won in the primary.


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