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Democrats trying to declare Trump presidency DOA

As expected, Republicans failure to choose how to undo ObamaCare resulted in a conflict by which Democrats hope to profit.  Leftists are trying to write an obituary for the Trump agenda before he’s even been in office for his first … Continue reading

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Leftwingnut media launches all-out propaganda war on Trump

“Trump’s ‘dark vision’ of America must be stopped at any cost!” What liberals want to do is stop Donald Trump from restoring America to greatness and keep the corruption of Obama, the Clintons, and the Bushes alive.  What liberals want … Continue reading

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My five questions for President Trump

We won the election, but we haven’t yet defeated Washington.  Donald Trump has a mandate and that is not a mandate to work with Democrats or be part of the Washington corruption. President Trump, what will be your legacy?  Building … Continue reading

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Trump’s election will end American’s freedom and life on Earth

Liberalism – the contradiction between knowledge and intelligence. Liberals are suffering from psychotic breaks over the election of Donald Trump.  They believe life on Earth will end from man-made global warming and that it is guaranteed because Trump is president.  … Continue reading

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Democrat Derangement Syndrome result of leftist deceptions

Hillary lost and liberals don’t just want a trophy – they want the crown! Cowboy’s EPIC takedown of liberal protesters Defining American liberals is easy – ignorance lacking morality compounded by bigotry.  Now that they lost the election the spoiled … Continue reading

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Democrat socialists got shafted as GOP got b*tch slapped

Draining the swamp will not be easy. On Nov. 8th, sixty million people voted for the corrupt Washington elites to be brought down, while another sixty million votes were cast in support of that corruption.  Hillary won the popular vote … Continue reading

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Who should be in Trump’s Cabinet and Congress

Some are wringing their hands about Trump choosing Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff.  Understand that there are insiders who have been on the Trump Train that can help the Trump Administration succeed. Some in the TEA Party who wouldn’t … Continue reading

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One president, two issues, three elements

The Republican Party is more powerful than it has been since the 1920s and the Democrat Party has been ripped apart by Obamaism and the Left’s destruction of America’s economy, values, and culture. How can Republicans be happy with Trump’s … Continue reading

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Hitlery Youth terrorize nation demanding government overthrow

In an EPIC MELTDOWN, leftwingnut’s reveal who they are in public view – the Hitler youth bred by democratic socialism. “To hell with Democracy!” “2, 4, 6, 8, America was never great!” “We reject the president elect!” “Not my president!” … Continue reading

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What a Trump presidency means to America’s future

The wizards of smart all said he couldn’t win, the Left is going insane, and the Right is now hopeful for America’s future.  It’s now about the economy and foreign invaders. What’s the difference between a conservative and a liberal?  … Continue reading

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