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Democrat Derangement Syndrome result of leftist deceptions

Hillary lost and liberals don’t just want a trophy – they want the crown! Cowboy’s EPIC takedown of liberal protesters Defining American liberals is easy – ignorance lacking morality compounded by bigotry.  Now that they lost the election the spoiled … Continue reading

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The Guarantee of Hillary or the Potential of Trump – decline or rise

America’s choices: Hillary’s guarantee of importing millions of foreigners to give away taxpayer money sticking them in Democrat ghettos, or Trump’s potential of saving Americans from Washington corruption? Those who think Donald Trump is going to continue the socialist policies … Continue reading

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TEA Party has found a leader in Trump

What do you mean there’s still a TEA Party?  And that crass Trump their leader?  He may be boorish, but he’s American’s best hope for moving the ball back against the liberalism that is destroying America. Didn’t Obama and Boehner … Continue reading

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