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Liberal Fascists Import Latino-Communists and Islamo-Nazis

It isn’t fear-mongering when they are actually striving to destroy you.  Leftists of the world, from United States democratic socialists, to leftist liberal fascists, to South American Latino-communists, to Middle Eastern Islamo-Nazis, all are uniting to subdue Europe and destroy … Continue reading

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America’s Immigration System is NOT Broken – Democrats Are!

Democrats violate Constitutional law to put citizens in danger and then campaign as if they were Republicans in favor of strong American law.  Giving people who are in the country illegally is not only open rebellion, but treason to the … Continue reading

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Make America Great vs. Hope and Change

Trump is a dynamo, Obama is a milksop.  Where Obama managed America’s decline, Trump is already re-energizing the American economy.  Liberals do not realize they are wrong on every subject and policy.  Trump’s Carrier success is the first of a … Continue reading

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Leftwingnut media launches all-out propaganda war on Trump

“Trump’s ‘dark vision’ of America must be stopped at any cost!” What liberals want to do is stop Donald Trump from restoring America to greatness and keep the corruption of Obama, the Clintons, and the Bushes alive.  What liberals want … Continue reading

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Victor Davis Hanson excoriates the phony conservatives of the NeverTrumpers

When Republicans elect Democrats. This past weekend, one of the Kennedy’s daughters who attended Bush ‘41s “Thousand Points of Light Foundation” event told the world that he told her in confidence that he was going to vote for Hillary.  Whether … Continue reading

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