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Irma the Most Powerful Hurricane in History! (of the last half century)

Global Warming Chicken Littles are at it again declaring that this hurricane, occurring as they always do, because it is the strongest recorded since they began making records.  Those records only go back a few decades, but that doesn’t stop … Continue reading

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Latest Liberal Lies about Climate Change Advocate Hypocrisy

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.” The latest liberal lie about climate change is that “deniers” cannot prove that liberal’s global warming dogma is a scam, but can only denounce those advocates who have a carbon footprint … Continue reading

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CO2 the global warming lies

Liberals have no clue why they believe the scientists that say mankind’s CO2 pollution will destroy all life on the Earth.  But they’re ready and willing to give your money to their Democrat overlords in the name of saving the … Continue reading

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Follow the money of the global warming scam

Do you believe global warming is based on science?  There are thousands of scientists and politicians convincing those ignorant of science that those who see through their fraud don’t believe in science.  Al Gore, who made a famous movie about … Continue reading

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Liberal science is a fiction of their primitive imaginations

Ignorance is bliss, but only to a liberal for whom it is the foundation of their ideology.  A little knowledge for a liberal is a dangerous thing.  Liberals believe science must deny God and that those who believe in God … Continue reading

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Do you believe in climate change?  Asking stupid questions; science or religion?

As the truth about liberal’s global warming end-of-the-world panic is being demystified, adherents who have more faith in government than science are becoming more shrill, threatening those who know the science of political deceivers, swindlers, and frauds. Liberals ask Sen. … Continue reading

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Climate change deniers and the idiocy of believing they exist

Which is more probable in your mind; that millions of people are completely ignorant of and reject science, or that millions of people are being duped by people who claim their science is true despite conflicting facts? Climate change is … Continue reading

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Pope Francis proves intelligence and morality not required for Papal Edicts

Pope Francis sells his soul to the climate change hucksters – calls on all people to give up their wealth, prosperity, and their lives to “save the planet.” There is a prophecy that says Pope Francis will be the last … Continue reading

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Refuting Global Warming science is elementary, part II

Leftist global warming hucksters create graphs to fool the unwitting.  Government reports of climate change can no longer be trusted to relay truthful information, let alone accurate reports.  The Left’s global warming scam to dupe people out of their money … Continue reading

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