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Praising Criminals, Condemning Heroes – the heart of Liberal Fascism

The righteous praise heroes and condemn criminals, while leftists do the opposite.  All you need to know to understand leftism is in the mainstream media.  Leftists lie to deceive and corrupt.  They spew the same lies over and over, 24/7/365, … Continue reading

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Flushing Obama’s legacy down the toilet

Obama’s new home. America’s experiment in banana republic socialism by making a Moslem leader of the Free World is bearing the fruit it deserves.  Obama’s legacy of stifling the American economy, shutting down American energy, unleashing criminals on police, and … Continue reading

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Make America Great vs. Hope and Change

Trump is a dynamo, Obama is a milksop.  Where Obama managed America’s decline, Trump is already re-energizing the American economy.  Liberals do not realize they are wrong on every subject and policy.  Trump’s Carrier success is the first of a … Continue reading

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Trump’s election will end American’s freedom and life on Earth

Liberalism – the contradiction between knowledge and intelligence. Liberals are suffering from psychotic breaks over the election of Donald Trump.  They believe life on Earth will end from man-made global warming and that it is guaranteed because Trump is president.  … Continue reading

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If Trump is not your president then this is not your country

“Obviously, when people look at the flag and say, ‘That’s not my flag, Donald Trump is not my president,’ then you know what, then obviously this ain’t your damn country!  LEAVE! “Quit causing destruction and preaching peace cause you’re contradicting … Continue reading

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