The Left is Never Right

Hillary Montage 4

Hillary will keep Obama’s policies to continue America’s decline in order to fundamentally change America as founded and transform her into a socialist dictatorship.

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Everything you need to know to make an informed decision to vote


Social Justice and the Hitler model

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Explaining the dysfunctional thinking of the neurotic liberal mind

Islamists coming into the West is not immigration, but an insurgency

Algore, Cpt. Chicken Little himself, is campaigning for Hillary

Shining the light on the phony reality of Obamaism




All of Hillary’s corruption in one place

Trump is like the 2nd Coming of Christ


2016 Presidential Campaign

Finding the Truth between the Right and the Left

Tomorrow America will either go out with a whimper or be reborn

All of Hillary’s corruption in one place

Trump is like the 2nd Coming of Christ

Hillary a master debater, Trump it’s all rigged

Democrat’s voter fraud and duping Millennials

Truth trumps lies as liberals lies about Trump’s truths

Clintons are not rapists, it’s Trump says the Democrat media

Democrats leading America to war with Russia

Et tu, Ryan?  The Republican (un)Civil War

In second debate Trump bats 1000 and Clinton zero in credibility

Morality wars of Trump and Clinton

Awarding Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize on the come rolls snake-eyes

Donald Trump

Awesome Trump Contract with America the Media won’t Broadcast

Media distortion of Trump’s temperament and Hillary’s corruption

No place in Trump’s America

Trump damaging the Republican brand

Trump has never sexually harassed women – unlike the Clintons

TEA Party has found a leader in Trump

Trump’s Wall won’t stop  America’s fall

Trump’s Reagan Democrats and Obama Republicans

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary wins it’s pitchforks and torches time

Hillary says ‘Honest Abe’ was as two-faced as she

Lock her up!  The campaign to prosecute Hillary for corruption

Hillary says Trump has something to hide – ROTFLMAO!

Hillary’s Secret Economy: The rich didn’t get richer – Democrats did!

Hillary Loves Cop Killers and Sharia Jihadi Terrorists

Republicans vs. Democrats

Democrats have been sucking up America’s wealth for a century

Democrats have a death grip on the economy

The Agent of Change vs. the Queen of Corruption

The guarantee of Hillary or the potential of Trump – decline or rise

Democrat’s Summer of Love 2016!

Conservatism vs. Liberalism

Leftwingnut PSYOPS to destroy the righteous

Twisted liberal minds think Trump slogan is “racist hate speech”

A national disgrace of deplorable black lies that matter

Doom & Gloom – understanding fear-mongering

Economy & Environmentalism

Thank you, Obama?  FRACK YOU!

Socialists stick their greedy hands up the Golden Goose’s A$$!

Islam, Sharia, & Jihad

Two-faced Hillary and ‘Moderate’ Moslems fighting ISIS

Fifteen years after 9-11 and America is losing the war with Islam

Bernie Hillary love

Hillary called for journalists to conduct an anti-Trump propaganda campaign

“Journalists have a special responsibility to our democracy at a time like this…  It’s a badge of honor when Jorge Ramos gets thrown out of a press conference for challenging Donald Trump.  Or when another news agency gets banned for reporting what he says.  As Jorge says, ‘The best journalism happens when you take a stand, when you denounce injustice.’”

That’s not journalism, that’s propaganda.  The job of journalists is to report the facts, not report what they believe.  That is the job of an editorialist like myself to correlate the facts with the truth.  Ramos does not report what Trump says and does, he reports his opinion of Trump, and his opinion is that Trump is evil because Trump objects to illegal immigrants who break America’s laws.  Ramos’ idea of injustice is for America to uphold its immigration laws and protect her own borders.  Hillary believes in importing cheap labor as outlaws.

How much young Americans know

Obama Hillary

Democrats say Republicans are the cause of America’s woes

Backwards liberal think

After 8 years of Obama feeding America a sh*t sandwich telling the people “it’s the new steak,” and having his Republican ally, Boehner, who seized the speakership following the TEA Party Revolution to stonewall conservatives with the whine, “It’s too hard to stop him,” Democrats are now promoting re-electing themselves with Hillary in Obama’s place.  Democrats, who manufactured this economic malaise just as they nuked the economy and blamed Republicans and capitalism for the destruction wrought by their policies, believe Americans to be galactically stupid.  The pity of it is – they may be right!

Democrats are asked which is more dangerous – ISIS or Climate change?

How I know I’m on the side of right

Hillary becomes the hero by rewriting history

Hillary rewrites history

Obama at the helm

Obama at the helm

Trump the dictator

Obama rules

Liberalism – Air conditioners are as dangerous as jihadis

John Kerry air conditioners are dangerous

Lying politicians

Hillary and Trump

Americans have eyes and ears

America sees the Democrats

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