Hillary says ‘Honest Abe’ was as two-faced as she


Hillary equates her public and private policies with Abraham Lincoln’s varied arguments.  Trump says, ‘I knew Abraham Lincoln.  I’m a friend of Abraham Lincoln.  And you, madam, are no Abraham Lincoln.’

As cover-up of her duplicity and lies to the people between her “public” and “private” policy stands, Hillary Clinton has the gall to compare herself to “Honest Abe” Lincoln.  She uses Lincoln’s words about using different arguments to convince different people to support his policies.  To an ignorant liberal this might make sense.  But using different arguments to appeal to different people, who have different priorities, agendas, or beliefs, is not the same as Hillary saying one thing privately to her Wall Street donors and saying the complete opposite publicly to her voters.

Lincoln did not take opposite positions on the basis of the audience to whom he was trying to persuade to follow his policies.  Abe didn’t lie to both sides about his intentions.  When it comes to Hillary Clinton it’s not about helping the bankers or helping the people, but about helping herself.  She didn’t make her fortune by producing anything or providing any services to anyone.  She made her fortune by defrauding the public and pandering to bankers who greased her palm for political favors.

The tax code that rich people use to avoid paying the taxes that Hillary says would be “their fair share” was designed by the Democrat controlled Congress over the last century.  Conservative attempts to revise the tax code to be fair for the Middle Class during the 10% of the time they controlled Congress have been met by Democrat filibusters and propaganda.  Republicans have tried to rip Social Security out of the greedy hands of Democrats who began using those funds meant for senior citizen’s retirement in 1968 and spending it on their programs for their welfare voter slaves.

Democrats don’t understand how government gets its money and what it means to businesses when they steal their wealth.  Ignorant liberals believe Warren, Hillary, and Obama when they say businesses were not built without government assistance.  They have no clue from where people got money to pay taxes to enable the government to build schools, roads, and provide fire and police protection.  That Democrats are ever elected to power is a failure of America’s education system to teach students to understand how business works and not be taken in by charlatans, conmen, and thieves.

Warning to America: You can bet that if Trump wins and begins outing the corruption of the two political parties that the Democrats and RINOs will retaliate by crashing the economy and blaming Trump like the Democrats did to Bush when they nuked their mortgage banks.

Clinton’s master class in tax fraud

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1 Response to Hillary says ‘Honest Abe’ was as two-faced as she

  1. EIleen says:

    Here is a thought for those sitting on the fence: would you rather be alive to protest Trump’s mouth or be annihilated in a war with Russia? Trump has NEVER stated he wants a war with Russia. Clinton has stated that to her banker donors (don’t believe me – read Wikileaks). What she tells us the peons is NOT what she intends to do; what she tells her banker donors IS what she intends to do.

    Wake up. Trump’s playboy past may turn off some people (interestingly enough, it seems to be affecting men a lot more than women). That being said, he doesn’t tell one set of people one thing and another set of people just the opposite. True, he can be ambiguous, but if you look at what he doesn’t say, he is a lot more consistent. If Trump’s playboy past does not bother women, why does it bother men? Or is it because the men who pivot about Trump are not being intellectually honest about their own biology. I am not condoning Trump’s past; however, he has shown remorse for it and that is all I expect.


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