Social Justice and the Hitler model


Leftists say Trump banning Moslems (who are murdering Americans) is the new Holocaust equivalent to when Hitler put Jews (who were being murdered) into concentration camps.

I learned in college school of journalism how to recognize propaganda.  A required class was in how propagandists lie, mislead, misinform, misdirect, and use subliminal messaging to alter and influence how people think and what they believe.  The Hitler model of the Big Lie is more than just prevaricating a story, but includes indoctrinating a lie into the psyche of the audience.  The Big Lie is;

“If you tell a lie big enough, often enough, eventually it becomes the truth.”

In forty years watching news and politicians I have learned two things;

  • Believe half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say
  • If they say it on the news don’t believe it till you find the original source

In the latter you will often find that the news reports are distorted and took what was said out of context.  The leftwing media, which consists of the vast majority of outlets in television, radio, and print, are not watchdogs of political corruption, but purveyors of government propaganda.  They routinely promote the party line misrepresenting both sides to slander Republicans and cover-up Democrat crimes.  Using creative editing and dysfunctional logic, they twist, warp, and spin lies of deceit to obscure the facts and lead people to false conclusions.  Then they tell their followers not to listen to those media where the truth is told and the facts are presented by the Left and Right to be compared side-by-side lest they realize they’ve been duped.

Of the first it is obvious that politicians pander to their audience to influence them for their support.  Democrats always promise goodies from government vowing to steal from the rich and give to their followers, but doling out a pittance while pocketing that money for themselves.  Republicans have split between those who follow the Democrat model to get a piece of the pie and those who fight the corruption in Washington.  But the leftwing media always lumps them all together as being the same, while rightwing media compares them to expose the difference.


For example, a FOX newscaster doing the weather on a New York sidewalk had a protester pop up behind her with the sign yelling, “Clinton is a rapist.”  Despite FOX being the only television outlet that presents the facts of that truth he was immediately hustled off.  If that had happened at MSNBC and he had yelled, “Trump is a molester,” they would have invited him up for an interview.

The Alinsky method

Liberals always mock the truth to discredit it.  If they can’t mock the message then they mock the messenger to discredit the person speaking the truth so that their minions do not believe them.  When WikiLeaks was exposing the truth about Bush the Leftists were all for it.  Now that they are exposing the truth about Hillary they label them lies and slanders.  They say insane things to make the truth unsavory like it was hacked by Russians.  An example of mockery to discredit the truth is in leftist comedians like Jimmy Fallon who quipped,

“WikiLeaks also reveals that former astronaut Edgar Mitchell wanted to meet with the Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman to discuss alien life.  Hillary’s like ‘trust me, if there were aliens I would’ve already asked them for money.’”

When WikiLeaks is revealing that Clintons became filthy rich by selling out America, bringing up Bill’s history of sexual predation and Hillary’s enabling of it, and that they have a body count behind them bigger than Al Capone that includes JFK, Jr., who was leading the race for the New York Senate seat that Hillary got, and Justice Antonin Scalia, who was the strongest conservative on the Supreme Court, their fans are kept ignorant and compliant.  When WikiLeaks exposes that, of the thousands of emails Hillary supposedly turned over to the FBI not one of them includes an email between her and the president, their supporters are conditioned to discount that vital information.

Capitalism and Social Justice

Social Justice is just the repackaging of socialism to disguise its true nature.  Socialism is promoted as being “just and fair,” but it is not.  Rather than being the equal sharing of prosperity it is the equal sharing of misery.  It is a throwback to feudalism wherein the government rules through the nobility and the rest of the population are their peasant servants.  Merchants were unable to prosper because the crown would take their profits in taxes.  America is the exception to the rule because the merchants rebelled and threw of the yoke of the tyrants to replace it with self-rule.


Capitalism allows those who strive harder and smarter to prosper and their success leads to the success of those who work for them.  Americans prospered but, as always happens throughout history, prosperity attracts the greedy.  Leftists corrupted the system through the use of slaves and immigrants, raking in the profits for themselves while forcing those who worked for them to live on starvation wages.  Republicans fought a war to end slavery and then fought to end monopolies and enable unions to overcome corporate greed.  But, again, the greedy corrupted the system and organized crime arose to eventually take over the unions.  Once they began acquiring wealth they used it to buy into the government and thus the Democrat Party rose to power.

Hillary’s America

Democrats advance their socialist agenda by un-educating children to believe America is founded on greed rather than liberty and that socialist dictatorships are benevolent.  They teach immorality as righteous, that stealing from the rich is justified by claiming they got rich by stealing from the people.  This is projection of the Left’s crimes wherein they do get rich by stealing from the people, whereas merchants get rich by providing goods and services.  Socialists always shut down free speech so that people are not educated and informed so they don’t learn the truth or righteousness.  With control of the money and people’s minds they make immorality virtue by corrupting the hearts and souls of the young.  They delude them by duping them into believing that what they fight for is freedom and equality, while they are actually subverting morality and instituting slavery by other means.

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

Examples of liberal truths that are frauds

  • Trump is a racist

Donald Trump has been in the public eye for more than forty years, and until now no one has ever called him a racist.  Now liberals say Trump is racist because he wants to build a wall to stop foreign invaders from stealing across America’s borders.  They call him a racist for wanting to stop Moslems immigrating into America who want to subvert the Constitution to establish Sharia Law, who are willing to terrorize and murder Americans, and would intimidate people to getting their way.  They call him a racist because he calls for law and order, objects to riots by black hate groups, and does not want to stop police from shooting black criminals.


  • Trump is a molester of women

Again, Trump has been in the public eye for more than forty years, and in all that time, despite being surrounded by thousands of beautiful women and having deep pockets, not one woman has ever made a hint that he acted even remotely inappropriately with them, but was always a perfect gentleman.  In a day, because of a question set-up by a leftwing debate moderator, five women were brought forward to declare that he sexually molested them.  They have been treated by the leftwing media as holy evangelists of truth despite their stories being torn to shreds by the facts.  One said Trump molested her in first class on an airplane, lifting the arm rest between them and putting his hand up her skirt.  The arm rests in first class do not go up as they do in coach, and there is a stewardess and other passengers who would have witnessed a woman protesting being molested.  Another said Trump groped her in a public place while she was interviewing him for a story.  The story she wrote was a beautiful piece about The Donald’s love for his wife and not a hint that he did anything for which she could have blackmailed the billionaire.

Clintons are not rapists, it’s Trump says the Democrat media

  • Climate change is real


When liberals say this they mean that man is causing climate change by producing CO2 that will destroy all life on the planet.  To them it is like saying the Sun comes up because they have absolute faith in scientists paid by the Democrat Party to promote the global warming scam.  If intelligent, knowledgeable people tell them their idea of climate change is false then they launch into an apoplectic fit declaring them to be heathens and uneducated savages who howl at the Moon.  Despite elementary science that proves everything they believe about global warming to be false, and evidence that proves the Democrats are doing it only to part fools from their money to “save the planet,” liberals continue to deny the truth and adhere to the fraud into which they have been indoctrinated and brainwashed.

Welcome back 1992 –Clinton/Gore campaign to defraud the country again

  • Obama and Islam

The claim that Obama is not Muslim has as much basis in fact as the Moon is made of cheese and global warming is real.  Part of Muhammad’s teachings of Islam is to deceive unbelievers.  Obama has spent eight years dismantling Christianity in America while promoting Islam.  His statement, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam,” is definitive.

Obama’s Islamic heritage

Islam the Ultimate Socialist Ideology

The ideology of Muhammad is to demand others follow him and that Moslems fight those who refuse.  He taught them to “wage ‘holy war’ to bring them under the boot of Islam” as if war can ever be holy.  He made them pray five times a day in unison to brainwash them into being a compliant body of slaves.  He commanded them to kill those who insult the Prophet or his teachings of Islam, which includes anyone that is not a Moslem telling the truth about Muhammad and Islam, or anyone who turns away from Islam.  Islam is not a religion, but an ideology of laws that must be obeyed by all as slaves.  Those who reject it are oppressed or destroyed.


The proof of this is in the beliefs of the Left and Right.  Where the Right believes God to be Love and Satan to be Lies, leftists portray God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator.  How you know which is the truth is in how they treat people who do not follow them.  God sent His Son to die for their sins, and those who accept Christ as their Savior He forgives and accepts back, while those who reject Him are left on their own.  Satan kills those who displease him as traitors.

For fourteen centuries Islam and its ultimate socialist ideology has destroyed the lives of billions.  The new atheist socialism of the 20th century can only account for a tenth of that even though their death toll was in the hundreds of millions.  And the corruption of the Christian church during the Middle Ages, in emulation of Islam with whom they were in open war, can only account for a tenth of what atheists have destroyed in the last century.  The Mongols did more destruction during all of their invasions than the corrupted church.  Wars of religion are portrayed as wars of fictitious beliefs, but when examined they are always found to be wars of greed to enslave others.

Muhammad the First Terrorist and his religion of self-imposed brainwashing

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Faith in God kills

Laws against slander and libel

There are laws in America regarding the 1st Amendment of free speech that outlaw telling lies or inciting violence.  But Democrats have given so-called journalists an out with a clause that says if they did not intend harm then they are not held liable.  Journalists are charged with “reporting the facts,” so they can tell lies about Trump all they want so long as it is someone else speaking those lies.  And they can cover up Democrat lies because they are not required to tell all the truth.

Liberals want to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine that Reagan abolished claiming it was “truth in reporting laws.”  It was actually conservative censorship laws designed to keep the Moral Majority silent.  Leftists have no moral conflict with lying if it promotes their agenda of absolute government control over the people.  Their idea of “progress” is regressing America back to the days where government ruled over subjects, not free citizens governing themselves.

The senselessness of Democrats believing their leaders even when they publicly admit they lied, like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitting he lied about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes in order to win the election, is just proof of their adherence to immorality.  They worship Clinton who committed rape and curse Trump for false accusations of molestation.  Democrats are the Party of Perversion and their adherents mindlessly follow where they are led.  They make false accusations and whether you defend against them or ignore them they declare them to be true because of your action or inaction, damning you if you do and damning you if you don’t.  Hillary can remember all of her actions in government, but when asked to testify about crimes her answer is that she “can’t recall.”  Theirs is a twisted ideology of lies and deception.


Truth in reporting is what is needed now to combat leftwingnut slanders and libels of the Democrat media.  But that is not what America will get if Hillary is elected and Democrats shut down social media that Obama says is just smears and lies misleading people.  There is more truth in the social media of the Internet than will ever be found in the liberal media of the Democrats that is only there to serve as the voice of the government, not the people.  If you want to know the truth of anything you hear then you need to find it for yourself rather than just believing what you are told.  You should suspect anything you hear before taking it for a fact.  Democrats believe everything the Left tells them without question and then accuse those who exercise critical thinking of being warped.  It is as backwards a way of thinking as riding a horse by holding onto its tail.

“He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” – Georg Hegel

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

Liberals don’t know what they think they know

Trump needs to learn to recognize trick questions and distractions

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5 Responses to Social Justice and the Hitler model

  1. Eileen says:

    Leftist media really ought to learn the definition of fascism and nazism. We are already fascist and have been since the Democrats and Republicans merged in ideology and that nazism is a leftist form of government called National Socialism.Hitler wasn’t a strict socialist in that he left the means of control in private hands – he just directed it from Berlin, which to me is no different than what we have now – a one party system in which the means of production are private, but centrally controlled. So when the leftists say Trump is Hitler or Trump is fascist, neither are true. Trump wants to split the Republican Party from the uniparty and remove many, if not most, of the means of production from centralized control. While I don’t think Trump will completely remove ALL central planning, he will remove the ones that make our lives unbearable.


  2. LMinAppleton says:

    dustyk103: Usually I don’t leave comments saying “I agree” to “good job” because, frankly, that’s just boring for other people to read but I have to make an exception regarding this one as this has to be one of the best blogs you’ve ever written and that I’ve ever read.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lady_Lbrty says:

    Reblogged this on Constitutional Conservatives and commented:
    This is the best blog piece I’ve ever read. Hats off to the writer, it couldn’t have been explained any plainer.
    We’re just a few short days away from losing America, forever. We cannot allow these criminals back into the WH. I remember Bill Clinton’s Adm. Hillary’s will finish us.


  4. Lady_Lbrty says:

    This is an absolutely excellent article. Thank you so much for taking the time to lay it out for us.


  5. L.K. Samuels says:

    Don’t forget that Hitler was a big “social justice” warrior. He proclaimed in a 1920 speech:” we do not believe that there could ever exist a state with lasting inner health if it is not built on internal social justice, and so we have joined forces with this knowledge.”

    “Why We Are Anti-Semites,” August 15, 1920 speech in Munich at the Hofbräuhaus. Translated from Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, 16. Jahrg., 4. H. (Oct., 1968), pp. 390-420. Edited by Carolyn Yeager.

    Mussolini expressed a similar sentiment in a 1945 interview: “We are fighting to impose a higher social justice. The others are fighting to maintain the privileges of caste and class. We are proletarian nations that rise up against the plutocrats.”

    Mussolini’s quote from the “Soliloquy for ‘freedom’ Trimellone island”, on the Italian Island of Trimelone, journalist Ivanoe Fossani, one of the last interviews of Mussolini, March 20, 1945, from Opera omnia, vol. 32. Interview is also known as “Testament of Benito Mussolini, or Testamento di Benito Mussolini. Also published under “Mussolini confessed to the stars”, Publishing House Latinitas, Rome, 1952.


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