Doom and gloom – understanding fear mongering

50 years difference

Democrats instill fear in the hearts of the gullible and blame Republicans

Demagoguery is a term often thrown about by the Left but not understood by liberals.  Democrat’s live in doom and gloom extolling hate, bigotry, and lies promoting stealing from others is justified and blaming others for one’s own failings.  Everything Democrats are they project onto Republicans, and the self-righteous hypocrites delude themselves into believing they are the righteous and the righteous are evil.  The tragedy of this is that they win elections due to Republicans who assist them either wittingly or by unwittingly being duped by their Alinsky machinations.  They need to read Machiavelli to understand how to defeat the radicals who want to tear down the righteous.

Greed, lies, and fools make the world go round.  Democracies fail because fools are easily misled and the advance of civilization through the education of society counts for nothing.  This is why republics are designed so that only the responsible citizens vote.  Democracies always fall to socialist dictatorships where the elites rule over the ignorant masses.

When Obama looks into the camera his mantra is; “Trust me, would I lie to you?”  Lying with a smile is Lucifer’s trademark and the heart and soul of the deceiver.  This comparison of Obama “refuting” Trump’s facts says it all.

Trump vs. Obama

They can’t both be right, but the way they say it is how the truth is twisted.  We know just from watching TV news that murders are way up, but Obama can “honesty” say violent crime is down because it’s down in a few places even though it has drastically increased across the nation.  When Obama speaks of “far fewer undocumented workers” crossing the borders he’s telling another half-truth.  Because most of the masses of illegal aliens are not taking jobs but living on Democrat provided taxpayer benefits he is stating actual facts.  Trump speaks the unambiguous truth while Obama lies and smiles corrupting the truth for the clueless.

Trump vs. Hillary

Hillary tells her supporters to pledge themselves with the motto “I’m with her” to stay the course Obama has set for the last eight years that has brought about America’s decline and is leading to her fall.  Trump’s motto is “I’m with you” to help the American people recover their nation from the foreigners Obama is importing to overwhelm the citizens.  Obama has billions of taxpayer dollars assisting Moslems in building mosques to force the Islamization of America.  Trump’s pledge;

“I am with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you”

Trump truth

This is a message for the American citizens who are losing their wealth to the corrupt government of this great nation that they have been crying to hear.  Now they pray to God that Republicans can overcome the Democrat voter fraud machine that is striving to have illegal aliens at the polls.  Once there they must again keep Trump in their prayers that he keep his word and is able to overcome the Democrats and RINOs in Congress who will not give up their gravy train.

Trump vs. Cruz

Ted Cruz is more intelligent and more moral than Trump, but he’s not smarter than Trump.  Where Ted tried to use reason and intelligent argument, Trump used playground antics and proved that experience counts for more than maturity with the American voter.  Ted may know what’s right and be able to win minds, but Trump knows how to win hearts and led the rabble, something that Ted has yet to learn how to do.

Democrats have proven time and again that it’s easier to smear your opponent than to elevate the masses and Trump understands how to fight fire with fire.  His acceptance speech is the first since Reagan that actually took on Democrat lies directly and the liberal media is in panic mode.  Saying Trump’s speaking the truth is “dark demagoguery,” followed by Obama’s denial of what Americans see happening on their streets between Islamic terror attacks and black criminals murdering masses of innocent people and police, makes every righteous American turn toward Trump.

Obama math

Democrats live in the world of dark demagoguery:

  • America is stealing poor nation’s resources
  • Republicans are stealing from the poor
  • Illegal aliens are Americans, too
  • Cops are racist murderers
  • Islam is peace
  • Christianity is bigotry
  • Fossil fuels will destroy the planet

Man is changing the climate and killing Mother Earth.  How much more dark can demagoguery become?  This is the ultimate fear-mongering based on a proven lie of junk science that is nothing but the politics of manipulation proving how easy it is to part fools from their money.

Lies, hate, racism, bigotry, and the promotion of evil are at the heart of the Left.  Is it any wonder how those who curse God as an oppressor and laud Satan as a liberator could find it easy to support infant sacrifice in the form of abortion?  Is it any wonder that Obama would say, “Pay no attention to those dead bodies in the streets” and fools believe him?  BLM is assassinating police and the liberal media calls the NRA terrorists.

Evolution of a lie

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens

“Hands up don’t shoot” the lie of Ferguson and Michael Brown.

  • First report – white policeman shoots innocent, unarmed black teenager.
  • Second report – white policeman executes teenage boy who was on his knees surrendering by shooting him in the back multiple times.
  • Third report – white policeman was defending himself against large black teenager attacking him trying to take his gun after robbing store.
  • Final report – autopsy reveals all shots that hit Michael Brown were from the front corroborating the officer’s version and that of black witnesses over that of other black witnesses who lied about Brown being shot in the back.

Truth, like God, is a fantasy in their world and in the eye of the beholder.  As far as they are concerned any of the four stories above can be true, not just the actual truth.  That is why morality is grey to them and not black and white.  You can have all sorts of interpretations of the truth and nothing is absolutely right or wrong, only what they choose at the moment.  Just like their multiculturalism and moral relativity the truth is malleable and that is the soul of the Left.


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