Trump’s Reagan Democrats and Obama Republicans

Hillary voter

If Trump is the same as Hillary, why are the RINOs openly jumping ship to the support of Democrats?  NeverTrumpers are not standing against a Hillary shill, they’re a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Trump’s candidacy is a cornucopia of surprises, disappointments, and contradictions.  He is not a true conservative, but he stomps all over liberalism without fear.  He is an autocrat, but has never been called a dictator or a racist until he ran for president as a Republican.  He has brought out the Reagan Democrats who see that Obama and Hillary are taking America down the road to ruin.  At the same time he has exposed the Obama Republicans who are not just RINOs, but traitors to the republic.

Why traitors?  Are they not just “voting their conscience” to protect America from a dictator wannabe?  Are they not “true conservatives” who recognize that Trump is a populist opportunist?  Are they not truly public servants willing to “cross the aisle” and work with Democrats as the people want?  Are they not protecting America from the greediest of the greedy?

Republicans for Hillary

Or are they the worst of Washington establishment elites who are just trying to protect their gravy train and continue stealing from the taxpayers?  We already have a dictator who is violating the Constitution at every turn and taking down America making her weak while assisting her enemies to become strong.  These yellow dog Republicans are not protecting the people, they are betraying the voters who elected them to STOP the Democrats!

One Never Trump Republican has already been defeated in the primaries. The rest of them need to go!  By electing Hillary they are not “saving” the nation from greed, they are promoting the greed that Americans are rebelling against.  Hillary keeps campaigning that Trump represents the greediest of Americans “who want it all for himself.”  The Democrats are the ones who become politicians with a promise to their supporters that they will raise taxes and steal from the rich.  They are the ones who have been giving Wall Street trillions of borrowed tax dollars in “stimulus” and “Quantitative easing” to “save jobs.”  They are the ones being supported and endorsed by Wall Street cronies who sanction their importing cheap labor that Obama convinces foolish Democrats are “refugees.”

Meg Whitman’s treason

Democrats are the party of greed who want to steal from those who earned their money telling themselves they’re stealing back from those who stole from them.  This twisted morality is easily recognized by the simple directive of their primary component – stealing.  The people who are trying to portray Christianity as a scam used by the Romans, and then by the Americans, to quell their slaves from revolting are the same people promoting the Islamization of America and the West.  They say Jesus’ message of peace was one of submission.  Isn’t that what Islam means?

Obama rules

Rush Limbaugh explains how Washington’s cronyism is destroying America

“Now that cronyism has been established, it has firmly become something that you can aspire to as a human being, as a businessman, that people that run the government now are willing to sell it to you.  The people that run the government are willing to sell you access.  You donate to them or you fund them or you employ their family or whatever, and they’ll get you favorable treatment from the Oval Office, from the Senate, to the House of Representatives, it doesn’t matter.  Hello, cronyism.

“Cronyism can help you as a CEO put your competition out of business without you having to innovate a single day, without you having to out-compete your opposition.  And that’s why the country club Republican doesn’t exist and have become country club Democrats or country club liberals, but for the most part they’re just cronyists.  They’re all salivating.  They’re all hyperventilating at the thought of being close to power.  They don’t care if that power has a destructive aspect to it.

“They seemingly don’t care if the power, meaning the president, meaning Obama, is going to implement policies that are gonna damage people, that hurt the country, and damage its future.  They don’t care.  As long as they’re close to power, and being close to power protects them and their interests and their business, that’s all that matters.”

Democrats represent the government elitists supporting the crony class because they are what they accuse Republicans of being – in the back pockets of the greedy on Wall Street.  Hillary’s campaign is being sponsored by all the billionaires while Trump is being opposed for not sponsoring cronyism of his own.  This is why Hillary says Trump wants it all for himself and is urging people to stand with her, the Queen of Corruption, while she says Trump is the one who is in it for personal greed.  Donald Trump built his fortune by being a real estate entrepreneur extraordinaire.  The Clintons made their fortune by selling government favors to corporations.  So who is in it to lead government for their own personal greed?

Hillary's profession

The Clintons represent the crony class

Rush reveals the leftist Republicans

Rush continues “…and there’s a story with a list of new Republicans publicly saying they’re voting for Hillary.”

The Washington Post reports – “In a phone interview with The New York Times, Whitman promised to donate a ‘substantial’ amount to Clinton’s campaign to help her oppose Trump, whom she claimed ‘undermined the character of the nation.’” She says, “I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and I will donate to her campaign and try to raise money for her.”

Rush responds:

“Really?  Donald Trump is undermining the character of the nation? Bill Clinton didn’t do that? Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t do that?  Half of the Democrat Party’s protest constituent groups don’t do that?  You seriously, Ms. Whitman, want to talk about undermining the character of America and focus on Trump?  I mean, he may be a lot of things, but Donald Trump has not done one thing that detracts from the character or the reputation of this country, for crying out loud.  I can give you a list of Democrats who you seem to want to sidle up to who are doing their level best to destroy this country as it was founded, who are doing their level best to transform this country away from its intentions as founded.  For crying out loud.

“And, by the way, they have a huge list, the Washington Post has listed all of these highly respected, dignified Republicans who, as a matter of principle, cannot support Trump.  They are heralded and they are celebrated.  I’m telling you, when every Trump supporter sees this, it just cements them tighter with Trump.

“It’s actually kind of a pathetic list.  I mean, that’s it.  That’s it.  That’s the Washington Post list of GOP watchdogs who are treasonously abandoning the Republican Party.

“I thought all these people were saying they feared for the party, they wanted to rebuild the party.  How do you do that by giving money to Hillary Clinton?  How do you rebuild the Republican Party by — these are the same people that told us, us Tea Partiers and us conservatives, every four years they told us we had a duty to hold our nose and support the nominee.  They told us that we had a responsibility to handle our losses with dignity and remain unified and support the party, be it for the presidential nominee or any other officeholder.  And look at these cut-and-run experts.

“Now, these are the people claiming that they wanted to save the party from Trump.  They couldn’t stand by and watch Trump take down and destroy the GOP.  So what’s their recipe?  Publicly announce that they are going to support Hillary Clinton, some of them publicly announce they’re gonna donate to Hillary Clinton, and then others, in addition to all that, publicly announce they’re gonna help her, they’re gonna advise her.  Republicans.

“This is why there is a Trump!”

Hillary and Trump

And that’s why the media smears Trump as a liar while praising Hillary’s lies.

What if the public doesn’t see the election the way the “experts” do?

America sees the Democrats

GOP has been world-class f***-ups defeating Democrats.  Give Trump a chance!

Politician's moral compass

Hillary promises to raise taxes on the Middle Class rather than cuts for the rich

Obama's economy

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