Morality Wars of Trump and Clinton


WOE!  OH, WOE, WE ARE UNDONE!  (They pray.)  The GOP is ready to throw The Donald under the bus at the demand of the Feminazis in a pathetic display of wimpiness condemning Trump for being a man.

Hillary Clinton has already lost this campaign on the economy, foreign policy, and the military.  She has nothing to offer but higher taxes, importing illegals as cheap labor and giving them citizen’s rights, and submitting to Islam.  All that’s left to her campaign is smears, slanders, and voter fraud.  The GOP’s disgusting display of cowardice and treachery, demanding Trump apologizes to the Feminazis and their male b*tches for being a man, is enough to turn every patriot’s stomach.  The GOP is looking for any reason to vote for Hillary and keep their gravy train going, willingly serving under the corrupt mantle of Democrats who are stealing away America’s wealth telling their useful idiots it’s their civic duty.

Liberal’s disgusting display of immorality is on full display.  Atheist’s declaring their purity is the ultimate in self-righteous hypocrisy.  How is it always the most ungodly people who are always “holier than thou?”  In America you are innocent until proven guilty.  But in the liberal world you can rape a woman, but if your friends in the Department of Justice do not charge you with a crime despite proof of your guilt, then you are innocent.  But if a conservatives says he would f*** a woman who wants to commit adultery with him then it’s a capital crime!  This is a sickness of the dysfunctional immorality of the liberal mind that the crime of rape can be declared innocence while a common sin can be declared a capital offense.

Trump’s locker room talk vs. Clinton’s rapes

Bill Clinton was impeached, not because he had sex with an intern in the White House and got caught and was forced to confess to the people, but because he lied under oath in the congressional investigation.  Hillary was caught violating National Security and destroying evidence, but even though she lied to the American people she told the truth under oath to the FBI.  Just because she has a ‘D’ by her name the DoJ refused to prosecute her.  Since when has “ignorance of the law” ever been an excuse, especially when she has spent twenty years at the top of government in Washington and claims doesn’t recognize classified markings on a document?  On that basis liberals claim she is innocent like they say her husband is innocent.

They say her husband, whom she protected from all of his adulteries by destroying his accusers, who was impeached, and who is now not only has multiple adulteries but is a regular visitor to Pedophile Isle, isn’t on the ticket, so Hillary is pure.  Hillary and Bill come as a pair.  If Melania Trump were whoring about you can bet they would declare Trump unfit because of her.  Oh, wait, they already did that when they published nude photos of her from when she was a model trying to slut shame her.

When Democrats are found out committing crimes, misdemeanors, and sins they close ranks and protect their own, e.g. Rep. Barney Frank who was found out to have a male prostitution ring running from his home.  Republicans, on the other hand, immediately throw anyone with a hint of scandal under the bus like Rep. Larry Craig for tapping his foot in a bathroom stall.  This isn’t righteousness, but weakness.  When Democrats are guilty of crimes they protect each other, while Republicans act as if they must be pure as the driven snow.  You can’t win a war by giving the enemy your swords and shields.

Hillary laughs getting child rapist acquitted, smears Bill’s victims

This is the world in which we live where Republicans must be without sin and Democrats are two-faced skanky tramps that get away with murder, not because there is no proof, but because they have friends in high places.  The pinnacle of corruption and poster children of immorality is the American Left.  Thank God Donald Trump is a man with bigger balls than Hillary, but at this point no one can be sure if Republican voters have more sense than dumbed down Democrats.  This is why it can be truly said that if Jesus Christ were on the ticket, all Democrats and half of Republicans would vote Him down.

No man is without sin, certainly not The Donald.  But when faced with a choice between a criminal and a law-abiding citizen who is smeared by those criminals, is it really a choice between the lesser of two evils?  Or is it a choice between a criminal and a sinner?  A sin is not a crime.  There is a difference between right and wrong and legal and illegal.  All fall short of the Glory of the Lord.  In this case America has a choice between the man who fights for what is right and the woman who fights for corruption.  Does America have the righteous heart to see it or have her people so corrupted themselves?

Defying Tyranny, Not Defending Morality

The morality of choosing not to support Trump


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1 Response to Morality Wars of Trump and Clinton

  1. Eileen says:

    I have been following this whole locker room conversation media non-event since it broke. I have to laugh. 80 million Americans are reading or have read The 50 Shades of Grey, yet we can’t have a conversation about what men and women talk about in a single sex environment, like Ladies Night or an athletic locker room? How many men and women can honestly say they NEVER had such conversations?

    What I expect to happen is that those who already back Trump, both men and women, will continue to do so because they knew from Day One that he likes women *a lot*. Those who are capable of intellectual honesty will admit that Trump’s conversations are no more lewd than theirs when there is nobody from the opposite gender around. Some pf these people will come over to the Trump camp because he owned the conversation on the tape. Others will abandon Clinton and sit it out or vote for Johnson, who gives them all of the Democratic agenda with none of the baggage. The biggest losers will be the GOP state or local candidates because the RNC is implicated in the release of the tape.

    The one good thing I expect out of this is that now the electorate is ready to have the conversation about Hillary’s treatment of women. Bill Clinton is kind of a non-issue because of Monica Lewinsky; My first thought was that due to the timing of the tape release and the willingness to now discuss the Clinton’s treatment of women in the aftermath of the release that The Donald himself released it. When I thought of that though, I did NOT know he was married to Melania when that conversation took place, and that it made no sense, so I no longer think that. That being said, the timing couldn’t be better. Now we have a whole month to discuss the issues surrounding the sex scandals surrounding Clinton.

    Clinton’s last holdout are women of varying demographics, with single unmarried women or those over 60 being the highest support group and married women with families (of all income classes) with the least amount of support. How The Donald handles this will largely determine how much he can eat into this demographic. Clinton already lost the African Americans and Hisplanic vote and even Muslims are starting to question their support for Clinton.If he can get them to switch their vote to someone else, then the smear failed, which I fully expect it to, just like the tax thing failed to erode Trump’s support. In fact, if I used the flying of the U.S flag as subtle Trump support, the amount of small businesses who now openly fly flags have gone way up in the last two weeks. I don’t expect a big bump in Trump’s support from women, but I do expect a big drop in Clinton’s support from women.


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