A national disgrace of deplorable black lies that matter


A few bad apples…

While Hillary slanders Trump supporters as deplorable racists, athletes have disgraced themselves and are shaming their professions as well as spitting on their fans.  NFL players choosing to follow the example of a fool are “protesting American racism” by disrespecting the flag that represents their freedom to play.  If America were the racist nation they believe it to be then they wouldn’t be on the field, but working on the sidelines as towel and water boys.  What makes them worse is that these ultra-entitled children talk the talk of a lie, but don’t walk the walk of a hero.

They believe they are shaming the nation, but they are only shaming themselves, their teams, and the football league.  They curse police for shooting a black criminal, but say nothing of black criminals killing a thousand of their brethren and murdering innocents by the hundreds.  They live high in white communities, but none go back to the neighborhoods in which they grew up to live and change everything that is wrong with black America.  Since the Raw Deal of FDR, black families have collapsed, and under LBJ’s New Society they have disintegrated completely.  They say nothing about blacks committing ten times more crime than whites, but blame whites for black children not going to school and getting jobs!

Hillary smearing half of Trump supporters as racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and Islamophobes is at the heart of this stupidity, and she goes far beyond Romney saying 47% of people won’t vote Republican.  These slurs of Americans who object to Democrats importing cheap labor, taking up causes of criminals and minorities to impose on the nation, and bringing Islamists into the country who want to inflict Sharia on America, brings Democrat’s leftist mentality into the light.  The enemies of Hillary are not people who murder others to steal and subjugate them, but those who fight against those who do.

Democrats are all in one basket using freedom to spit on freedom

Media academics get it wrong on crime, poverty, and discrimination

The difference between Hillary and Trump

[Author’s note: These players have been misled by Democrat lies, but that’s no excuse when they not only promote those lies, but live the lives that exemplify Democrat corruption.  They don’t fight to stop black crime, but fight to stop police from stopping black criminals.  The worst of the worst didn’t just dishonor the anthem, but raised his fist in the Black Power salute proving that it is not America that is racist, but blacks who benefit from America and advocate those who steal from Americans who are the racists.]


Raising his fist during the anthem Black Power proving who are the racists.

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