Democrat’s Summer of Love 2016

Hillary Montage

Democrats working their magic with(out) the smoke and mirrors.  Democrats are love, Republicans are hate.  Apparently, no one explained to them that the Sith are incapable of using Jedi Mind Tricks.  That only works on the weak-minded liberals who believe everything they are told.

Leftists are just confused and think they can flip the world upside down and no one will notice.  Obama says he is leading America to a better, brighter future.  Hillary says Democrats are patriots who love the country, the Founders, and the Constitution.  Pelosi says low income white men are voting against their own interests because of guns, gays, and God.

Tell that to the coal miners that Democrats have put out of business.  Tell that to the small businesses whose taxes have doubled thanks to ObamaCare.  Tell that to Americans who lost their jobs thanks to Democrats nuking the economy in 2008 to get Obama elected.  Tell that to the blacks who are losing their jobs to illegal immigrants.  Tell that to the people being slaughtered around the world by Islamo-nazi jihadis.

Hillary cracked the glass ceiling alright, or cracked her skull at the least.  While only 17% of Americans believe Democrats are leading the country in the right direction, Hillary and Obama want everyone to believe they are doing what is right, that they are patriots who love America, the Founders, and the Constitution.  Despite being wrong that won’t stop half the country from voting to continue down the road paved with Democrat’s good intentions.  Democrats are portraying themselves as the party of love doing what is right and good for the country despite 5 out of 6 Americans seeing what they are doing is wrong.

Hillary’s new campaign is that Democrats are the party of love, of light, of success, and Republicans are the party of hate, of darkness, of dysfunction.  Welcome to the Summer of Love 2016 when Democrats share their delusions with the rest of us.  Apparently, whatever Obama is still smoking he is now sharing with Hillary.  This is what you get when you elect a crackhead to be president and follow him down the road to Hell.

Democrat’s love:

  • dead babies
  • dead cops
  • Islam
  • illegals taking jobs and voting
  • gov’t stealing from the rich

Republican’s hate:

  • deadbeats
  • criminals
  • jihadi terrorists
  • illegals stealing from taxpayers
  • government corruption

Democrats stand for the rights of criminals to take what they want and punish citizens who stand up to defend themselves.

Republicans stand for citizen’s rights to protect themselves, their families, and their property from those who would steal from them.

In other words, if a Republican kills a Democrat in self-defense then Democrats will use the law to destroy the Republican.  This is what Democrats mean when they say they want “gun control.”  Republicans believe in your Constitutional right to life, liberty, and property, while Democrats believe they have a right to take your life, liberty, and property.

Republicans are the party of citizens, Democrats are the party of thieves.  One pundit said the candidates are both paternal types.  Hillary wants to be America’s new mother and Trump wants to be America’s new father.  Democrats curse Republicans who “ship jobs overseas for cheap labor,” but love themselves when they import that cheap labor.

Democrats were doing better when they used the smoke and mirrors to hide who they are – Communists, Islamists, atheists, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian haters.  Now they are trying to steal Republicanism from Republicans their sham has become so obvious that those who have been so completely duped by the Left are left to either love their lies in the open or let their denial be exposed to the light.

Drive-bys celebrate Democrats sounded like God loving patriotic Republicans

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