Islamists coming into the West are not immigration, but an insurgency


The 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Bill of Rights were meant to protect American citizens from their government should a tyrant come to power.  Americans foolishly elected that tyrant, an anti-American, anti-Christian, racist Moslem who would see Islam established in place of our Constitution.

Make the world Islam was Muhammad’s command and his armies of fanatics swept out of Arabia to conquer the world.  The Romans held them back at the start, and the Franks and Hindus stopped them cold.  Islam’s “Golden Age” was the first two centuries after they conquered and ruled over civilized, educated peoples.  But as they were subsumed by Islam they became the same backwards fanatics that came from Arabia.

Then the Turks came down from Mongolia and conquered them and adopted their so-called religion of conquering others.  When the Romans/Byzantines fell due to betrayal from within, Europeans brought armies to stem the tide and the Crusades were born.  The Spanish spent eight centuries kicking the Moslems out of their land while the Byzantines fell thanks to the betrayal by the new Romans of the Popes.  But eventually western technology outstripped Moslem fanaticism and the Jihad was crushed outside the gates of Vienna.

Since then Islam has only nipped at the West as pirates and slave traders.  But then oil became important and Arabs first opened trade and then stole the oil wells and refineries that western nations had traded to build and held them hostage.  Since then they have amassed billions and launched terrorist attacks and wars all over the world.  And eight years ago the greatest nation to ever stand for freedom in the history of the world elected a lying Moslem to be leader of the free world and the world has paid the price.

Islamists have immigrated throughout the West, not with the intention of becoming citizens in their host nations but intending to launch insurgencies to take them apart from within.  Sharia, the law of Muhammad, is a theocracy and Moslems do not consider themselves subject to the laws of any other.  For this reason Islam is not protected by the 1st Amendment and America is not bound by its own law to admit Islamists and allow the practice of Islam in America.

Now they are using those protections to enable the insurgency of the Jihad to dispense with the Constitution and make Sharia the law of the land with Islam as the theocracy of the nation.  They are using propaganda and the weak-minded ignorance of the people to smear a real American so that one political party can destroy the other and remake America into a socialist dictatorship under one party rule.  They are not teaching actual American history but rewriting it for the next generation to grow up despising America and themselves so that, rather than recognizing America as the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, they believe the leftist version of history; that capitalism was not the creator of wealth, but the thief that stole from “good socialists.”

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