Tomorrow America will either go out with a whimper or be reborn


“So many people who have lost their faith in our future and the future of our country.  Our government has failed our citizens.  But we are going to turn it all around and deliver the change and leadership that America deserves.  This is a movement like our country has never seen before.” – Donald Trump

Everyone knows America was born on July 4th 1776.  Only half the country realizes she committed suicide on November 4th 2008.  Now, eight years after sinking into the cesspool of D.C. corruption, she is giving her last gasp to rise above the surface and start breathing again before she drowns.

Hillary or Trump

The people will either chose to rise from the slime and be reborn or wallow in it as freedom dies.  Our nation’s capital has become a cesspool of corruption with Democrats taxing away America’s wealth while Republicans make phony protests and rake in some of the profits.  Both the DNC and GOP are allied against the people to keep their gravy train going, and then along comes a billionaire businessman who believes in Reaganism and they are in a panic.


Trump has always been a good man whose history, when you take away Democrat smears, slanders, and propaganda, has always been exemplary, while Hillary has led a lifetime of corruption and empty promises.  Americans will choose to either rise and be free or fall into socialist hell wherein those at the top – the government – prosper, while the people descend into peasantry.  For this land to remain free, America will be better off with a President Trump fighting with Republicans to stop the corruption than another President Clinton working with Democrats to wallow in it.  The Supreme Court is one justice away from abolishing the Bill of Rights and setting up the Democrat’s Bill of Rights, which would take away the shackles on government and establish their supremacy over us.  They say government is responsible to care for the citizens, but they propose doing that by stealing from those who work for a living and giving to those who vote Democrat for a living.  There will be no jobs because they will tax the rich and take the wealth that would have created those jobs for themselves.  The people will be united in misery as Washington gets wealthy using socialism to dupe the ignorant as was done in Russia, China, Cuba, and most recently Venezuela.


Trump is not a nice guy, but we all know nice guys like Romney finish last.  He’s a fighter and an honorable man who left his billionaire playboy life to fight for the people.  He built a great business and Democrats, in their greed and envy, hate him for it.  Hillary built her wealth through graft and racketeering, conning the people with promises of prosperity the benefits of which only she and her cronies reap.  She belongs in prison along with most of the government and they all know it.  That is why they all fear a righteous Trump and slander him as a Hitler when it is they who are the fascist socialist wannabe dictators.

Tomorrow we’ll find out the true power of Washington.  Trump’s rallies have pulled ten times more people than Hillary’s.  Will the voter fraud machine of Obama, Clinton, and Ryan and their America hating minions, foreigners and felons, overcome the will of the people and change America into Amerika?  Or will the brave stand up to declare they are free?

What Hillary has to offer after thirty years – more of the last eight years

“This election is a moment of reckoning.  It is a choice between division and unity, between strong, steady leadership, or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk.” – Hillary Clinton


Clinton continues to attempt to portray Trump as unstable but herself as strong and steady.  What this election is a choice between is the division fostered by the Democrats and the corruption of the Left or the law and order of the Right.  When dead people, felons, and illegals vote, when people cast multiple votes in multiple states and buy votes these are all felony voter fraud, but Obama’s lawless regime promotes it all.  The system is rigged for those at the top just as Hillary claim, but where she claims it is the rich capitalists, in socialism it is the government that is at the top.

Obama and his Democrats encourage illegals to vote

Virginia’s Democrat governor pardons 60,000 felons to vote

Everything you need to know to make an informed decision to vote


The final push between Trump and Clinton is on.  Here is Trump’s last campaign commercial promising to serve the people and stop Washington corruption.  Hillary’s last commercial is a typical leftist conservative rip off of how great America would be under her with the operative word being under her.  Can you name Hillary Clinton’s achievements and qualifications to be president without mentioning Trump?  Obama and Hillary have only one soap box for their campaign – that Trump is mean and they make America great.  But their leftist minions deny that America has ever been great and can only become great by becoming a one party socialist dictatorship like those of their heroes; Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Hitler, and especially Muhammad.

Trump’s commercial

Obama Clinton smear Trump with disgusting slanders

Clinton cannot shout about Obama’s achievements over the past eight years, or her own as Secretary of State, because there is nothing that Obama and Hillary’s Democrats have done of which Americans want more.  That is why their entire campaign has devolved into a Trump bashing spectacle.  Who can call Trump a degenerate racist womanizing Nazi more – Barack or Hillary?  Barack is an America hating racist Moslem and Hillary is a woman crushing Nazi socialist.


Saying Trump would lock up his political opponents as Castro and Chavez did is the Left projecting themselves on him.  Trump is not talking of just locking them up for funsies, but for crimes of corruption.  It is leftists like Hillary who would lock up their opponents for opposing them just as the Left calls for “climate change deniers” to be persecuted in court.  Her hollow claim that she wants to make America better for everyone falls flat when the Left’s vision of America is no one who can prosper on the basis of their qualities and hard work, but all are made equal.

The FBI dropping the email investigation is another indicator of how corruption works in Washington.  It takes weeks not days to conduct an investigation.  Even Rush Limbaugh predicted pressure would be brought to bear on Comey to end this before Election Day.  Hillary’s classified emails being on the laptop of her assistant’s husband, plus reports that she had her housemaid printing out classified documents, renders the dropping of the investigation to be another lark.  Again, that Clinton set up an illegal server and then destroyed it while under investigation is more than intent to commit crimes.


The result of this election will result in a crisis in the nation regardless of who wins.  If Hillary is elected then voter fraud that Democrats have already been caught committing on a massive scale will have won the day and Congress will be in gridlock as prosecutions of Hillary are sought.  If Trump wins then the leftists will run wild with riots, bombings, and terror attacks throughout the country on police and citizens.  Expect Islamic terror attacks to increase as Hillary brings more Islamist Jihadis into America to impose Sharia on the masses.  And don’t expect the GOP to go after Democrat voter fraud or do more than make a show of opposing Hillary as they did Obama.  Although Trump will certainly make the effort the GOP won’t back him, especially since half of them are part of the corruption that didn’t want Trump stopping their gravy train.


America’s choices are; to be reborn with Trump, drain the swamp of corruption in Washington, reduce taxes and boost American business, or to die for Hillary, wallow in the corruption, give Washington more money and more power, and serve the mighty elite.  The reason we know it’s coming is because leftists always project onto the Right what they themselves intend to do.  Pretending Trump is Hitler is Hillary’s announcement that he is who she intends to emulate.  Good luck, America, because if the people are not for us then God will not help us and all that infant sacrifice by the Left will bear the fruit because you reap what you sow.

Change or the same

Finding the Truth between the Right and the Left

Why comedians don’t make fun of Hillary


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5 Responses to Tomorrow America will either go out with a whimper or be reborn

  1. EIleen says:

    Good article. My guess is that unless precincts throw away tons of Republican ballots, the turnout for Trump (a landslide) will overwhelm the Democrat steal machine. Although they can do it with fractional voting, there may not be enough Trump supporters left on Nov 8 to turn into fractional votes. Only 3 states have no early voting and based upon what I see at Trump rallies (he asks how many people already voted) and most of the time at least 1/2 of the hands go up. He also prods voters to CHECK their ballot status to make sure it was counted (for paper ballots). So, although, they will try and cut into Trump’s lead, with the amount of people coming out and voting for Trump (even Democrats) IMO will overwhelm the stealing machine.

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