Trump’s Wall won’t stop America’s fall


It’s not enough just to stop the invasion of America by foreigners who want to steal from and kill Americans.  We must eject those who have already infiltrated this nation and dismantle the Democrat machine that is trying to bring in more.

Every terror attack committed on American soil was by jihadis who were not only here legally, but some were citizens!  9/11, Ft. Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, Dallas, you name it and the terrorists who committed mass murders were in America legally, were sometimes citizens, some were even born and raised here, and some served in our own military!  But Islamists who promote Sharia twisted their minds and turned them into murderers by telling them lies about Americans that they believed and instructed them to act as Muhammad taught in the Koran – kill the infidels!  The Ft. Hood and Dallas shooters were both soldiers in America’s army, but the ideology of Sharia Islam perverted their minds through ISIS and Black Lives Matter, both Islamist creations promoted by Obama.

Trump’s Wall won’t stop Visa jumpers or terrorism or the illegal immigration that is a Democrat voter drive inviting foreigners into America legally.  It will not stop Democrats or their judges from promoting giving rights to illegals and those who hate America and want to bring it down to transform it.  It will not stop taxpayers who vote for Democrats like chickens that vote for Col. Sanders.  We don’t need a big, concrete wall that people can climb over, tunnel under, or just walk right through.  American needs her borders to be closed to foreigners who want to destroy America and those foreigners who are here to be ejected and banished from returning.  More still, those foreigners who come here to commit crimes and murder have no rights under our laws and should not be permitted to ever again see the light of day – and I’m not talking about our cushy prisons.

The rest of the world does not live and will not abide by American law, nor do Democrats who want America’s Constitution to be torn up and a socialist manifesto be put in its place.  America must be fortified against Democrats who are attempting to bankrupt the nation with their welfare scams for corporations and deadbeats.  They are attempting to cause a massive uprising of the leftists who are wrecking the country while insuring their cronies survive the collapse, and then have them tear up the Constitution to install a socialist dictatorship and Sharia.  Obama’s banana republic and Clinton Democrats take money from foreign donors to bring Sharia to America and they curse Republicans who want American corporate money to stop them.

Democrats obscure their true intentions

Democrats stopped appearing on FOX because they don’t want to be seen lying.  Liberals cannot debate conservatives because they always look stupid when their facts are compared to the truth.  That is why they also devolve into name calling and character assassination.  The reason they hate Trump so much is because he uses their own tactics against them.  When Trump goes to the Louisiana floods he’s “showboating.”  But when Obama does it after playing golf for a week he’s “compassionate.”

Conservatives hated Trump because he used liberal tactics on them.  But now that Hillary is trying to portray herself as a conservative who will stop terrorism rather than promote it as she has been, they are beginning to turn the corner.  Trump is as well as he brings the issues to the people in a way no other Republican has that the common person understands.  When he appeals to blacks whose families, educations, and opportunities have destructed under Democrats, to turn back to Republicans, suddenly the Democrat media that has been telling them how bad their lives are because of Republicans now tell them their lives are wonderful because of Democrats.

It’s all a sickening display of the power of propaganda on the weak-minded, and why Democrats want to take guns away from citizens because they fear the reprisal of patriots if and when they institute the takeover for which they’ve striven the last hundred years.  America needs Trump’s Wall, but it must be more than a solid wall.  It must also be a virtual wall that will close our borders to all invaders, especially the ones Democrats want to bring into America to take jobs, spread Sharia, and vote for socialism.  And to insure that the voter fraud machine of the Democrat Party be dismantled, those whom Democrats have brought must be deported, and voter ID laws be installed along with the ouster of every Democrat operative in our courts who would try to sabotage efforts to restore the authority of the citizens and our Constitution that Democrats want to abolish.

Vote Democrat, die off, and be replaced

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1 Response to Trump’s Wall won’t stop America’s fall

  1. EIleen says:

    I am optimistic that Trump will figure out a way around voter fraud. It appears that he expanded his efforts to include states that were not previously being contested. The rise of groups like Latinos for Trump may not have an impact on the Midwest or South, but they will impact states with significant Hispanic populations like California and Texas.

    Trump has an uncanny ability to tap into the hopes and desires of people who reside in the state where he is hosting a rally. There are American flags sprouting like mushrooms here in Bernie country, which to those who don’t live on the West Coast, is a very subtle way of saying I’m for Trump because there are also a lot of gun owners here.

    We are witnessing the demise of the Uniparty. To those who have been alive for awhile, Trump’s Republican Party has a lot of Democrats who have more traditional values, but for some reason didn’t like the religious bent of the old Republican Party. He represents the middle 60% that neither party wanted. Even though current Hillary backers call themselves Democrats, they actually represent the tails of the values-based bell shape curve of the American electorate. So the battle is no longer between Republicans and Democrats, as those parties don’t exist anymore. It represents the middle 60% against the neocons and their brainwashed flock. Because Clinton has some health issues that may be affecting her ability to campaign, the main stream media is her pitbull, but each time they do something, Trump turns the pitbull into a loveable Lab. It is interesting to watch.


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